Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Garden Blogger's Death Day - June Edition

Summer has really just about killed everything. The boy's lavender plant is history, the cucumbers are about to be pulled because they have only produced woppy cucumbers and I'm getting irritated, and I'm pulling zucchini and squash plants at the rate of one every two to three days. In two weeks I'm going to put in another round of cucumbers and beans which will have time to mature before the first frost.

The saddest death seems to be the boy's blueberry bushes that were thriving at the start of the season. I'm not sure if they've caught some sort of blight, which seems possible, or if they've just fried in their containers. I'm going to wait it out for the summer and then prune the fool out of them next spring and see what happens. I've got my fingers crossed.

Thanks, Kate, for hosting GBDD! It helps to know others are having trouble as well. As you say, Mother Nature sure is a fickle...mother.


  1. Oh, no...not the Boy's blueberries! *whimper*

  2. Sorry to hear about the blueberries, lavender and cucumbers. It is a bummer when this perish. We have almost all the broccoli plants bite the dust. Hopefully that's all...

  3. oh no, the blueberries! I feel your pain, we lost so much this past month, more I think than all my past gardens put together!

  4. GAH! blueberry death. So sorry. And we can't keep lavendar alive here more than 5 min's. Summer is hard on a garden! Thx for participating in GBDD!!