Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Havests, Garden Dishes, and a Present For You!

First, welcome to all of our new friends! Thanks for following. Your advice, support and commiseration is indispensable.

The school year is winding down and that brings all of the senior functions and graduation. I've gotten the news that our superintendent is not coming, which alleviates some of the stress factor. The principal and I met with all of the kids speaking at graduation to get the program settled and I shipped it off to the printer today. Done and Done.

Senior Dinner was Monday. I sent five kids home for not meeting dress code. One of those who came back dressed correctly I almost sent home again. Looks like next year I'll have to specify "big-boy" ties and not their little brother's clip ons. Dinner went off without a hitch. I had a few hundred dollars of gift cards to give away - including gas cards which were a favorite and then I bought a Galaxy Tab which wound up going to one of my students who is a good kid which made me happy. Tomorrow morning is the Senior Breakfast for which I've (along with student help) have filed close to 7,000 letters family and friends have written to the students congratulating them on their impending graduation. I'll get there at 4:30 AM to decorate. I've got so many toys to throw on the table including some 2011 glow in the dark glasses. Seriously, how can this not be a party when I've got 2011 glow in the dark glasses!

On the garden front -- this is a garden blog, right? Squash harvests have been abundant!
This weekend we had some family over and I put some out to snack on.

Then, I went to the garden to find some goodies to make a roast veggie dish and pulled some of the girl's purple potatoes. I couldn't believe they were ready already, but they were.

Everything in the dish from the onions, garlic and herbs to the potatoes and squash all came from the garden. It was yummy!

The squash harvests continued today. I'm telling you, getting yellow squash for the first time in three years is not hurting my feelings one bit. Those front two beds are where the squash will go for now on.

I got something in the mail today that made me smile. A while ago, I partnered with the Nancy Jo Tennis Tournament to help them raise money for the American Cancer Society from sales through Keychains for a Cause. I didn't get to go to the tournament itself, but someone was kind enough to send me a program and look! There we are:

Now, as if that wasn't enough to bore your stiff, look what I found at the post office the last time I went to mail out keychains!

Very, very cool! They're just post cards embedded with seeds and you can plant them. With having EG over last week I started thinking of everyone who commented about the wonderful camaraderie between us all and I'd love to send one of these to you. There are eight, so eight of us can plant the same seeds and share a friendship part of our garden.

Cheesy, yes, but fun. I'll stick one of these in the mail for the first eight of you who email me ( your address. I'd love to keep up with everyone's postcards through blogs. It would be a fun link!

The morning comes early. Very, very early tomorrow. Hope I don't set off the school's alarm again this year. ;) Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. Look like you have been getting some great harvests already!

  2. I must be old - I had to google what a Galaxy Tab was LOL! I'm an apple gal, that's probably why :)

    Sounds like you are crazy busy at school, and WOW look at all that garden produce coming in!

    The cars are so cool, I'm thinking they would make a great holiday gift the kids could make!

  3. OMG-your veggies look amazing! And you do THAT on top of all that other stuff? Seriously-I NEED to better balance my time. Oh, but then it wouldn't be Sue-dazed , confused, and horribly unorganized.

  4. The roasted veggies look so good..roasting is a favorite here, too.

    LOVE the seeded postcards. What a great idea!

  5. Great job on the squash this year- glad you finally figured out where you could grow them. Mine are growing sooooo slowly, still have not been able to harvest one yet.

    Hope the breakfast went off without too much of a hitch and glad the superintendent is not coming to graduation! Hang in there- we'll celebrate when you're all done!

  6. I hope I get way, way too much summer squash too. Last year was so sad. With the heat they should have produced, but they really didn't.

  7. what's the micro climate like where you plant those squash?

  8. Greg, I've never researched it. I'm in Winder, GA if that helps.