Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Garden Beats On

My harvest Monday on a Tuesday is rather pathetic for this week since I never remember to take pictures of the salads I pull almost nightly, but I am glad to say I found a use for those baby squash that bloomed with no males in sight. I decided to make breakfast with those squash and zucchini and added an onion, spinach and basil. Doesn't make a half bad omelet!
Over the past few days I've hand pollinated several females, but always in the afternoon when the buds on both males and females were closed for the day. I hope they take! Sunday, the man was kind enough to fix my beds that were falling apart. The boards were so warped that he had to use a come-along to wrench them into position and even then, some were unsalvageable. There are two boxes on the side yard that I'm just going to replace when this growing season is over. I don't know what possessed me to use 1 inch boards, but it was a bad decision.

I got around to putting some of the peppers in. This will be the third location for peppers in three years. If they don't do well here, I'm hanging up my hat.

Lastly, here's an aerial of the main corner yard taken about a week ago. Squash is lookin' good!! It's just about the only stinkin' thing I can grow consistently.

If I hold my mouth right - and the planets align accurately, The Corner Yard may have some big, big news for you mid to late next week. I can hardly stand it myself, but I don't want to let the cat out of the bag in case life happens and things don't come through as planned. Suffice it to say that this will be the biggest news ever to come our way. Seriously.

The morning comes early. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. I am also in my third year of trying to grow peppers in a third location. I have also had absolutely no luck and this year is my last attempt. I hope we both have better luck this year!

  2. OMG, are you pregnant?

    That will teach you to leave us hanging.


  3. Big news, eh? You've struck gold? You've struck oil? You've struck the postman over the head with a candlestick? It's raining men?

    I can't wait!!!

  4. Keep me posted on your peppers, Vanessa. We can figure this out.

    Granny...you can't make me tell.

    Hallelujah, IG. Dang. You're more right than you know. ;)

  5. I'm anxiously awaiting my squash, I'm planting them today or tomorrow, other than cukes and zukes, I've never grown any!

  6. OOOooooOOOOoooo

    Shoe dang. MEANIE!

  7. I make omelets with those tiny unfertilized zukes too. They are so tasty. And it is just mean to leave us hanging like that. And mean to keep cats in bags too. Cats really hate that.