Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Big Event!!

The moment that's been building up since July has finally arrived. Tonight was our Relay for Life event and the end of a milestone for Keychains for a Cause. Whatstarted as a simple, "eh, we'll make a few of these keychains," turned into a venture where we do more custom work than not and have over 70 different designs on our website.

I don't have total numbers yet, but we're very close to having sold 400 keychains just since July of 2010 and that's far beyond what I ever thought we'd sell. I could only be at the event tonight for 4 hours since I had the kids with me, but in 4 hours we sold 28 keychains! Think of what we could have done if I stayed the night.

There's always next year!

Thank you to so many of you who gave me the start and support I needed and if you haven't checked us out, "Like" us on Facebook by clicking the link on the right, and if you've never seen the website head on over there as well! This month, all orders will have theirshipping refunded once the order has been processed.

The morning comes early. Sweet dreams.