Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I hate that sickeningly sweet smell of squash bugs in peril.

Although I must say I hate dogs drenched in fish emulsion water more. I was spraying the garden today when Big got the idea I was playing with him and tried to chase the water. The more I moved the hose, the more he thought I was playing and leaped into the stream.

Could have just let go of the trigger to stop the flow, but why would I have thought of that?

Stinky dog.

Stinky, BIG dog.

And, no. He's not on the couch after the fish emulsion spraying. This is an old picture. He's now sulking outside for a bit until the stank washes off.


  1. Awwww poor dog. I bet he loved the smell of the fish emulsion too and couldn't imagine why you don't like him smelling like that.

  2. Oh NO! I can easily see that happening here, too LOL!

  3. Squashbugs certainly do smell horrific when you kill them, but i've never experienced the stench of a dog drenched in fish emulsion water..blech!

  4. Fertilizing the dog? What next?