Monday, May 30, 2011

Harvest Monday - What!? I have to cook dinner AGAIN!?

This is the post I was working on when the storm blast came and we lost power last week.

Why is it so amazing that each night I find myself looking in the fridge, freezer and pantry wondering what to make for dinner? Why can I not seem to see passed the one night and plan ahead and possibly...oh...stop at the store for dinner materials, I'll never know. So, when I glanced in the fridge in full dinner-should-have-been-started-twenty-minutes-ago mode, I found what's greeted me over and over for weeks.
Not that I'm complaining, but now I have to do something with it all and I'm running out of ideas, and since I haven't gone to the grocery in ages, we're low on other materials as well. Dinner that night turned into another Hail Mary dinner where you throw things together and hope they work out in the end - much like the zucchini cornbread bake from the other night.

This time, I found some left over frozen ravioli that's been in the freezer for some time. I chose to ignore that last fact.

Then I chopped up those zucchini, squash and some onion and garlic from the garden and sauteed them.

In the mean time I put some left over chicken fingers in the oven. Yes, by this time I REALLY had no idea what I was doing, but I was going for it full on.

The final product wasn't so bad! I took this picture before I put some sprinkle cheese over the top.

Would I make it again? Sure would! It was oddly tasty. Almost like a chicken parmesean or something.

Today is Memorial Day and also my graduation ceremony. We're walking 408 kids and it has me nervous that the ceremony isn't until 4:00 PM on a holiday where people have been sitting around BBQs all day, if you catch my drift. We graduate in a HUGE arena where they hold concerts and the hockey team plays and it's just fantastic, but it's a lot of running around. I have to get there at 1 to unload programs and diplomas and diploma covers. The kids get there at 2, they open the doors at 3 and the ceremony begins at 4. I'm hoping to have the ceremony at under an hour.

I have my fingers crossed. I'm really very anxious - when you're counting on 408 teenagers (and their parents and guests) to act in a dignified manner, things don't always happen the way you'd want.

The administration did give me and my partner a beautiful, beautiful flower arrangement to thank us for the work we do.

It's just beautiful. Look outside - this was the night of the storm. It was about 5:30 PM when I took that picture and it usually stays daylight here until after 8:00. The storm was just about to hit when I snapped this.

The morning comes early - and even with the kids spending the night at the grandparents it still came at 6:45 AM. I think I can stop blaming the kids for early wake up calls when we do it even to ourselves. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. Yum, it looks good! I will keep that in mind for one of those precise times when 'dinner should have been done hours ago!'

  2. That looked yummy! The summer is when I have the worst time with dinner, I'm so busy working in the garden that by the time I come in with a harvest I'm too exhausted to cook anything!

  3. lol graduation dignified? Oh wow. I graduated in 1980. In the 70s streakers were all the rage. So yes we had streakers run through our ceremony. My kids' ceremonies were much more dignified. My daughter's did have the traditional beach balls getting bopped around - for both high school and college.

    And I'm getting a good giggle out of dinner too. I know what it is like to have too much zucchini. Not in the last couple of years, but before that. I hope this year is a good zucchini year. Then I can annoy all the neighbors by trying to give it away.

  4. Oh, I can totally relate to your dinner woes! I find myself looking in the frig and freezer, wondering why nothing is thawing on the counter. Maybe if I knew that dinner was a nightly thing, that would help?? Ha!

  5. I love throw-together dinners.. they can get really interesting!! lol

    We got hit by the storm as well.. obliterated my back porch and my seedlings.. :(

    Glad ya'll made it thru ok!

  6. Great job with the "toss the kitchen sink in" dinner! It looks like it turned out quite yummy.

    Wow is that sky dark in the last picture! Must have been a hell of a storm.

  7. Sometimes those "thrown -together" meals end up being just plain good!

    So, now that the graduation thing is going to be history, can you relax for the summer?
    The bouquet was a nice gesture-a raise would make it better!

  8. I don't have any zucchini yet, but I am sure when I do I will be feeling the same way! I too often find myself throwing odd things together cause I haven't been to the store! Especially when dh is working late! Eli loves "loli", I bet he would like it if I made your concoction!

  9. Bet it was tasty! Veggies look lovely chopped, the way you did. Wouldn't mind trying it next time, I'm in a fix:)