Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Harvest Monday on a Tuesday -EG Visit Part II

Don't know if anyone will go back to yesterday's post to see the comments, so I thought to double post my last comment here:

Y'all are so right. It was an utter delight to have EG (Mr. EG to the youngins) come visit. I honestly don't think I've ever been so excited about a "garden event" in a long time. His thoughts, his ideas and his general unassuming nature endeared us all to him immediately. It was surprising to hear his voice in person. I kept thinking I was watching a film of his and then realizing he was really there in person. It was rather surreal.

I know we all feel the same way - we know everything about each other and there's no way we haven't actually met since we're all obvioulsy kindred spirits since out of all the garden blogs out there, we have our own circle, but it was just wonderful to share the gardening camaraderie with him.

EG, you did a true good deed by coming out of your way. I know I'll remember it fondly and so will the kids. THey've already made me recall all of the Jude videos on your site.

In preparation for his visit, I went down to the garden and did a bit of harvesting.

Do you see? Do you see!? I harvested my first three zephyr squash!!

I used the squash in an artichoke and squash dip with some onion from the garden thrown in for good measure. This is what was left of it by the time we sat down for dinner. YUMMY!Then, I took the lettuce from the garden and made a salad for dinner. The rest of the dinner was creamed potatoes with the rosemary from the garden and some steak with nothing from the garden involved, but still yummy.

It was such a fantastic visit and one I'll remember fondly. I've still got a few more pictures for fodder for a few more posts so stay tuned!

The morning comes early. Sweet harvesting dreams.


  1. Thanks for sharing your visit, that is so cool! I often think how awesome it would be for us all to go to "summer camp" together!

  2. Don't tempt us, Erin. You don't know how much I'm kicking myself that I didn't try to look you up when we were up your way last summer.

  3. How great to have a visit with EG. I agree with Erin, it would be so great if all of us could get together!

    I see that you fed him well!

  4. Sweet! Nice looking squash my dear. :-) I still think it's so cool you got to hang out with EG for a day.

  5. Nice squash. Not quite as nice as EG visiting, but still very nice. I had my first squash seedling start to come up yesterday. So It will be over a month before I get my first taste of summer squash.

  6. Looks like some good garden eatin',oh and..... MORE EG, MORE EG, MORE EG!!