Saturday, August 15, 2009

Trying to Reconstruct Ribbit's World... :)

Well, the advice I was counting on came through, and EG brought my world crumbling down.


Putting pole beans in both squares in the side yard isn't going to work like I want it to since I can't reach them from the back end. I knew it, but it took EG to bring me down to earth. I've got it that way right now, so if it works, I may try it again, but I know good and well it's going to be a struggle that's not worth it. So we all know what that means:

I get to plan again! I actually think drawing out and planning the garden is half the fun of actually growing the stinkin' veggies to begin with.

That side yard's such a good place for things that need a ton of sun, and I'd love to put some melons there, but anything vining is out because it keeps you from being able to mow precisely there and it gets messy looking. I may put some more zipper peas there. It's going to take a TON of those suckers to get as much as I really want. Know of anything else that can take a small space in front to grow for the summer? Tomatoes are too big and peppers too tall.

Today I pulled out the peppers which never produced well. They grew beautifully tall and green, just never put out the fruit. They were replanted with broccoli seedlings, but I'm wondering if the seedlings are going to take. They didn't come out nicely from the cell pack I started them in, so I'm wondering if the tiny roots were damaged too much. I also took out the bush beans in the other corner yard. They frustrated me with the teeininesy beans and wasted space. I put beets and radishes there instead. The okra had played itself out as well and in its place I put cabbage seedlings. Two of those seedlings also went in the side yard. Cauliflower seedlings went in the other corner yard with the sweet potatoes and one butternut squash that's growing since all of the pollinators seem to have vacated the premises once the zucchini was removed. It makes me concerned for the new cucumbers that were planted. I'll have to be good about pollinating by hand which will be rough to do in the dark before I leave for work.

The fall garden is taking shape! It's very cool.


  1. I agree-planning is the best part!
    And lucky you-you get two gardens a year to plan.
    As for the melons, have you ever considered growing them up a trellis? I have my vines growing up a sturdy piece of hog panel-they do wonderful that way! That way they grow up-not out.
    Have a great time planning!

  2. No suggestions sorry, I'm pretty new to gardening. But I wanted to ask you a question. The new fall stuff that you are putting in, did you start the seedlings yourself? Or buy them? I'm trying to get my first SF garden going for the fall (you commented to me on the SF gardening forum) and I think I'm out of time to start stuff myself. I haven't checked the nurseries to see what, if anything, they have for a fall crop. Just curious how you do it!

  3. Hey, Amelia!! These transplants I started myself, but my first year gardening, I bought all my things from transplants. I recomend it. Tackle on thing at a time. Start from seed next year. The only store bought transplant that didn't work for me was cabbage. It got too leggy and never formed a head.