Monday, August 24, 2009

Harvest Monday - Of a Sorts

Not so much a harvest Monday so much as a Monday of harvests to come. I did pick three tomatoes today, and I had to shepherd more little assassin bugs off to other green ones in order to pick them. The toms were small, but just enough for a salad. I keep threatening to put in three times the number of tomato plants I have, but these two give us just enough for what we use. Yes, I could use the excess for canning.....Maybe I'll plant a round in May and then another round in June to extend the harvest as much as I can.

Hopefully fall harvests will pick up soon. Here are the lettuce starts I put in little peat pots. I planted some in the ground, but it's just too hot out there to germinate. These were started inside and then moved to partial shade.
The first round of radishes look like they're bulbing up nicely.
The cucumbers are growing daily. Still no runners nor flowers, but those will hopefully come in time. Now, if I could only convince the pollinators to come back, we'd be okay.
That's how things are shaping up around here. It's just a whole lot of waiting. I replanted the kohlrabi, don't know if I mentioned that, and put in some collards. The beets didn't germinate well at all, and the rutabaga is hit or miss. I'll let those get some height and then replant the empty spaces either with either red or more black radishes. I don't much like the black ones, but they sure are big!
The morning comes early; sweet gardening dreams.


  1. How nice to have assassin bugs in the garden. I saw some last year, but not at all this year. I guess the lady bugs and lacewings made up for the lack. They were everywhere. I've never seen a black radish. Hmm maybe I'll have to try it.

  2. They're very spicy, but can grow up to a softball size. Here's a picture:

  3. Your lettuce seedlings and mine are about the same size, and I have mine in planters on the deck. This way, they only receive filtered sunlight, and can be moved into the sun as fall arrives. On my tomatoes, I planted 12 plants in mid-April, then rooted 6 suckers from them - which were planted in fairly large containers around July 1st. As soon as the first plants play out, the others should be producing well.

  4. Your harvests to come are looking very nice.

  5. EG, that sounds like a plan.

    Thanks, Dan. It will be good to see things coming in again.

  6. A black radish-I've never heard of that. Interesting... Tho I don't think I'm going to try one.....Don loves the little ones. These might be a tad overwhelming.

  7. Ribbit outdoes Granny! My lettuce seeds didn't germinate outside or inside! I think I need to go buy some good seed starting mix, and pray for cooler temperatures. I'm going to tackle planting radishes today, the spring radishes were a complete failure for me. I think I harvested a big 10 ounces, total.

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a follower - I have returned the compliment.

    It is really interesting hearing about your boxes as I'm a great fan of these. Will be good to compare notes between the US and England.

    What zone are you in - not that we, in England, really understand zones!

  9. Hi there, Johnson! I liked your blog and can't wait to see how things go for you. I'll tell you, I wouldn't garden any other way besides in the boxes. They're fantastic, neat and tidy, and super easy to maintain.

    I'm in zone 7. Our summer highs are in the high 90's an winter lows rarely dip below the teens.