Monday, August 3, 2009

Lush Green Growth? - Harvest Monday!

It's no wonder gardeners love the color green.

But for some reason, this green isn't the type of green most gardeners dream of.

The rains of the past two weeks have given everything a nice layer of color. Most of it will die off once the sun hits it again, but it sure is everywhere.

I didn't participate in Harvest Mondays for some time now since I've pulled most of everything productive from the garden. As a matter of fact, when I started writing this last night, this was the harvest I had pictured from the last two weeks:
Try to hold your applause.

Then, today I ventured out to the garden and picked this:
Thank goodness for peppers! They're the only thing producing in this heat. I do have a few bush beans growing and they're filling out, but they're really small. This is the stage I picked them on the first patch of bush beans I planted, so I'm going to let them go a bit longer and see if they grow any more or if they'll just go to seed.

Today I'm working on getting the fall garden in full swing. I've amended the beds with more compost and tonight I'll restring them. Tomorrow I'll plant some seeds and away we'll go. Hopefully. I'm wondering if it's still too hot for lettuce, radishes and carrots since August can still be rather brutal, but I'm going to try my hand at another round of cucumbers. Hey, I've got the trellis space now. :)


  1. Even I am getting moss growing around here and there, usually we don't here in Colorado.
    Yours looks like carpet.
    Good luck with the cukes!

  2. Oh that first basket does look a tad skimpy. The second one looks great though. We don't tend to get hot enough for me to even try sweet bell peppers anymore. I gave up on those years ago. Now if only I could trade some of my cherry tomatoes for one of those yellow peppers, my salads would look very pretty.

  3. If planting the lettuce from seed, you'll be fine. It won't try to bolt until it's fully developed. However, sunscald is a concern, if no shade is provided. I'm probably gonna plant my lettuce, too.

  4. Rosey, even after one day of sun the moss looks better. It can get really thick around here when things don't dry out because the air is already so saturated.

  5. Daphne, I'll gladly trade you. I think all my peppers next year are going to be yellow bells. Those red ones still haven't turned and they've been in the ground since April.

  6. Sweet EG, that's what I wanted to hear. That part of the garden only gets about 4.5-5 hours of sun, so I figured I'd be okay with the shade factor. I planted more cucumbers and some peas today and the lettuce and other goodies will go in tomorrow. Those broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage starts are already about a half an inch to an inch tall. Two or three are just forming their first true leaves.

    Wait a second...lettuce is going in, radishes are going in, cucumber went in today and the tomatoes are still producing.....does the fall season outwhit the conspiracy of the vegetable gods!?

  7. Looks like the beginnings of gumbo. I keep hoping that my harvests ramp up. Good luck with your fall seeding!