Sunday, August 30, 2009

Got Collards?

I don't.
All 9 of my collard plants in the other corner yard and this side yard have been shorn off at the stem.

The dog has been exonerated. This last crime was perpetrated in the side yard...outside of the fence. It's odd...why single out the collards? I'm not complaining; I'd rather only sacrifice a few things to the vegetable gods and not the entire fall planting.

Oh well. More room for other stuff, I suppose.


  1. It always seems to be something. Birds? Squirrels? Cutworms?

    I guess you could plant again and put those little strawberry baskets over them?

  2. I vote cutworms. Sorry for your loss.

  3. Is "shorn" a word? I've never heard it before. It could be anything that damaged the seedlings, I guess.

  4. I told you the dog was innocent!
    Sorry you lost your collards...
    I'm losing my tomatoes tonight I think. It's supposed to freeze.
    Rats. Is it just me or has this been the toughest year for gardening???

  5. HA! EG, shorn is the past tense of shear - like you cut through something with a sharp instrument, or to reap with a sickle.

  6. Poor little collards. I hope there is enough time left to plant some more. My problem recently has been Squirrels harvesting my peppers (hot! and sweet) and eggplants. They have left my tomatoes alone lately, probably because they noticed the blight before I did :-)

  7. Thanks for educating me, Mrs. Teacher! Ha.

  8. Sigh! I know the feeling, but I know the culprit in my case. I've got most of my babies caged up now, but that blankedy-blank mockingbird is rapidly defoliating my lablab beans that were supposed to grow up the shade arbor and shade the veggies.
    It's always something, isn't it?

  9. Cutworms, birds, and rabbits - all prime suspects. If the tops are missing altogether then I would suspect birds or rabbits. If the tops are toppled like a tree that has been felled - then cutworms.