Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bumblebees For Sue and Empty Pots

Before we left on vacation, Sue asked to see the boy's gardening tools that I had commandeered. She said she loved bees and asked for a picture. It's a long time in coming, I know, but here's the picture, Sue. It's a little scratched on the paint and rusted, but it works great for the small spaces of Square Foot Gardening.
On the garden front today, I emptied out the two potted tomato plants in the front yard. They were looking sad and not really producing anything worthwhile. I also emptied three soybean pots that had long since died. I pulled the boy's corn as well. He got one ear that was marginally edible. He was crazy excited, actually, more so than I would have thought. I've saved it, but I'm almost worried he'll ask to eat it. I'm half thinking that when he does, I'll crack open a can of corn or replace it with one from the store. He was just too amazed for me to flip it over and show him that half of the kernels didn't fill out properly.

The radishes, beets, cucumbers and SSpeas are sprouting nicely, but I think it's just too hot for the lettuce and carrots. I'm not concerned about the carrots, but I may try to sprout some of the lettuce inside the house and transplant it. I'm not sure direct seeding in this heat will work.

I pulled three ripe tomatoes off of the celebrity plant today. They were tasty. We even threw some of them and some okra into a fried rice dish for tonight.

School starts tomorrow for both me and the boy. He's very excited and determined to do well. I'm proud of him. As for me, I'm looking forward to getting back to kicking ignorance in the face, one day at a time.

The morning comes early. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. I don't think GWAR would approve of a tool like that, even in the garden. It is cute, though. BTW...I'm going to see GWAR at the masquerade in Atlanta on October 6th!!!WooHoo!

  2. It's in stage make-up. It's really a mean, low down, digging machine. GWAR would understand. :)

    Very cool! The masquerade's a cool place, but I think I remember you saying you'd been there before.

  3. Hahaha-the tool is too cute. I just love it. Thank you!! You were sweet to remember!

  4. Wow... school starts early for you guys!

    That's the cutest garden tool ever!!!!