Monday, August 31, 2009

Garden Blogger's Death Day -- August Edition

Kate and Crew over at Gardening Without Skills has deemed the last day of each month as a way to air our dirty gardening secrets to expose what really goes on behind all of our beautiful harvest photographs...ok, so it's Granny's harvest photographs, but who's keeping score.

Death this month for us came in stages. Some of the death was by a nefarious fiend who yet remains unnamed, others forceably inflicted, and still other deaths were by ignorance or behalf of the gardener.

You can see the damage to the collards in the posts below. It seems like there's a trifecta of trouble causing entities in the yard. My broccoli from a few days ago was obviously nibbled on by the dog. Later that week, some cauliflower stalks were reaped and left there whole which makes me think cut worm. Then this weekend the collards in both the other corner yard and the side yard were all eaten entirely. You can see those pictures in the previous post. It's very odd that whatever went after the collards was very particular and ONLY got the collards and not the other plants as well.

This carnage was from earlier this month. When it came time to get the fall crops in, the poorly performing peppers and the moderately successful okra had to go. I went ahead and pulled out the bush beans in the other corner yard because they were irritating me with how small and thin they were. No more bush beans for me, my friends.

Lastly, a death by gardener ignorance. Venus fly traps are not supposed to be allowed to flower. Flowering = death, I now understand. The flowers were so beautiful that who could have known the trauma that was to ensue.
Good night, Wolverine. Sweet fly catching dreams.


  1. The trifecta of trouble!! GAH! What a crime scene. I'm so sorry. I feel bad for poor Wolverine. I had no clue that you aren't supposed to let them flower!! At least a good lesson was learned from that. My kids have been oogling up the venus fly traps too.
    Thanks for participating in GBDD!

  2. Oh, my. Is The Boy heartbroken? I know he loved his VFT. It's pretty stupid of that plant to die after flowering. The Boy needs to find a smarter plant to grow. Maybe he'd like a Titan Arum! They eat beetles.


  3. Those venus fly traps are such a creepy and fun plant! LOL!

    I bet the collards were eaten by a rabbit. They tend to graze down a row of whatever is striking their fancy and apparently collard greens were tasting mighty good.

  4. Oh no! The poor fly trap. I never knew it was an annual. Well maybe he can be replaced and all blooms snipped off.

  5. That Venus Fly Trap looked (past tense) awesome. Don wants one in the worst way. I don't know....
    Sorry it died. Who knew?

  6. I got stuck in a venus fly trap once. I was in there for 4 hours!