Monday, August 10, 2009

Better Late Than Never - Harvest Monday!

I didn't think I'd have a harvest Monday for today, but then I went outside to help train the beans up the rest of the string and found this!
Well, the tomatoes, that is. Woohoo! It's only 1.8 lbs of tomatoes, but it's good for me. My harvest basket has been doubling as a back to school materials receptacle since we haven't been harvesting much these days.
Here's the good part. Look at THIS!
You know what those are!? Zipper peas!!!
No, they're not from my garden. *drat!* My neighbor offered me more of hers and I held her kid for ransom until she complied. She cooked these for me, but if you cook zipper peas for about 40 minutes with either a beef bullion cube or ham hock and tons of pepper, it makes for good eating. Leave some snaps, however. Snaps are good. I can't wait until I have some of my own to cook up. Those plants are getting larger each day, but there's no way I have enough for a meal let alone to save.
I had to share these, because it's my blog and I can if I want to. ;)
The girl got a princess costume as a gift. Since she's so much of a runt, it swallows her whole. Here she is posing for her prom picture:
The boy figured she needed saving. She disagreed:
She did let him 'save' her and busted a gut lauging (the reason the picture of her is quite unflattering), but that boy takes his job as a savior very seriously.
He had his first day of kindergarten today. I freaked slap out when he didn't get off the bus with the rest of the kids. He had fallen asleep on the bus.

Poor, sleepy kid.

The morning comes early. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. Nice maters.
    Nice that he could relax on the bus!

  2. OMG, my grandson Kevin falls asleep on the Tri-Cities bus every time he rides it! We never know where to find him on the (probably) forty mile route. We stopped calling the bus garage, because the lady was beginning to get quite rude with us. She said the transit company was NOT a baby sitter. Well, duh.

  3. there's nothing like a good costume to keep kids occupied for awhile, LOL! That reminds me to get some at the thrift shop to keep the kids busy when tomato canning starts! Wow, back to school already? Are you on a year-round schedule?

  4. The first day wore the poor little man out. Those are good pictures.

  5. What a nice surprise. The tomatoes that is not the sleeping child. Something like that would give me a heart attack.

  6. Nope, Erin. Not year round. It's the crazy way it's done here. We start early, but we're also out before memorial day.

  7. I like the look of the yellow pear tomatoes, yum. Never heard of zipper peas, how do they taste?

  8. Dan, very rich and buttery. They're gooooood.

  9. Oh isn't it fun watching them prance around in their little princess outfits! So cute!

  10. It's like Halloween in August! LOL! Too very cute characters.

  11. Awwww... First day of kindergarten!

    How did you do?

    I remember when my first son went... I was so out of sorts all day long.

    I can only imagine how you felt when he didn't come off the bus!!!! Poor little guy! Such a big day!!!

  12. I'm the bad mommy, Toni. Maybe I'm desensitized by being a teacher, but the first day of school didn't phase me. It's the LAST day of high school that's going to kill me.