Sunday, August 2, 2009

How to Double Your Trellis Space

So, you don't have enough trellis space.

You would naturally like more trellis space.

Here's how you can double your trellis space in 8 easy steps.

1) Build a four foot wide bed (farthest right). Note-your box does not HAVE to be 4 ft wide. Mine was. Reference step 2.
2) Erect a trellis using pipe, rebar, U-shaped brackets and trellising mesh. Make sure to connect the trellis to the back of the four foot box making it utterly impossible to reach the third square from either side once the trellis is covered with vines.

3. Spend the entire summer cursing yourself.

4. Have a friend like EG who's example you should have followed the first time.

4. When the summer season is over, move your trellis by first unscrewing the U-shaped brackets and nearly giving yourself a hernia trying to pull the pipe off of the rebar it's become fused to.

5. Move the rebar up one foot on both sides and pound it into the ground.

6) Slide the trellis over the rebar and use the U-shaped brackets to tweak the alignment and secure the trellis to the box.

7) Curse yourself yet again for not doing this the first time because now you can reach the third row from the back side AND plant on BOTH sides of the trellis, doubling your trellising sqft.

8) Thank the man for helping you since your Bert and Ernie arms wouldn't have gotten that trellis off of that rebar no way, no how. Thanks, Man.

The morning comes early. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. Lovely trellis. They are built much the same as mine. They will give you years of excellent service and increase your growing capacity immensely.

  2. There is always room for improvements at least that is how I look at things. My lowest trellises are 5 feet high and I think I need to make them taller. My squash is a foot over the top already.

    I can relate to reaching problems. My garden is horrible from an ergonomic perspective. I get by with placing thin boards on the soil to walk on. I also do the balancing act on the raised bed frames. :-)

  3. Well. golllleeee. That EG guy is good for something, huh?

  4. LOL!! Thanks for making a helpful tip so fun to read, Ribbit. :)

  5. Well, good for you! You'll enjoy this new setup. That granny is a real stinker!

  6. Thanks for your advice on building a trellis. Your expertise reminds me of a teacher I had once when I took a crochet class in a college town and the teacher who was doing the course was only one or two weeks ahead of the students.
    Although I learned how to crochet, I always thought this person would somehow make a better gardener. LOL!
    Opa J. :)

  7. LOL! Hope the kids weren't around while you were doing all that cursing...LOL...

  8. Opa J, you're full of it. :) No more veggies for you, Dad.

    SB158, cursing yourself is always best done under your breath so as you get the full effect, but the neighbors and kids still think you're perfect!