Monday, August 30, 2010

Holy Mushrooms, Batman!

A routine trip to the garden yesterday turned into anything but routine. From one day to the next two monstrous mushrooms popped up out of nowhere. Take a look at this beast!
It's twin was close by, but it had obviously been descended upon by something looking for a snack, however since it seems like only one bite, I'm not so sure of its flavor rating.
It's hard to tell exactly how large these suckers are without something in there for perspective, so I placed my foot by the one that had been sampled.
That sucker could feed a small country, or at least the state of Rhode Island for a good two weeks. However, they quickly met their demise by the blades of the lawn mower shortly after the pictures were taken. As the man was mowing, he hit the jackpot and found a yellow jacket's nest and got stung three times. The welt on his arm is looking pretty bad and the entire back of his arm from his shoulder to elbow is involved. He did happen to move some old grass clippings out of the way and found some fat worms that he transplanted to the garden which was crazy-awesome.

On a Keychains for a Cause note, I just can't help myself! The suggestions keep rolling in and they're wonderful. One customer asked if the 7/8 inch ribbon could go on 1.25 inch webbing instead of the 1 inch in order to see the color of the webbing a bit more so....You've got it! The 1.25 webbing is cotton and all of the 7/8 ribbon can now either come on the 1 inch nylon or the 1.25 inch cotton. Here's one of the breast cancer ribbons on the new 1.25 inch webbing.

I also had a special order for monkeys and a few other ribbons and still have ribbon left, so I'll post those up there as available until they're gone. Below is the awesome monkey ribbon on the 1.25 cotton. I also have two monkeys sewed on pink webbing that I made as extras! Monkeys are awesome in any form, aren't they? The 1.25 inch webbing will be up on the website by tomorrow evening. Don't forget to stop by the Keychains for a Cause website and "like" and follow us on Facebook!

The morning comes early. Sweet mushroom madness dreams.


  1. Oh wow, that is a massive mushroom!

  2. Those are enormous mushrooms.

    Ack, yellow jackets. They give honeybees a bad name, and they're just so aggressive. They're one wasp I'm all for eradicating in inhabited places. Ugh. My sympathies.

  3. Yikes, a hornet's nest?!! We have 'shrooms here too, but not that big! I am just glad they aren't hideous looking like the ones from last year "dog vomit" they are called... no kidding.

  4. Weird looking mushrooms ya have there...I had some pop up in my cherokee purple tomato bed that were just genetically wrong!!!

  5. What would Robin (of batman and Robin) say?
    HOLY MUSHROOM Mahoroom!

  6. Yikes! I'm assuming it's not of the edible sort. hahaha...just had to ask.

  7. Those look like what we call puff mushrooms in this part of nowhere lol. They are edible if you can find them when they are still white. If you let them go and they start drying out, you can step on them and create a giant black cloud of spores lol. The things you do to amuse yourself while growing up in eastern ky! (BTW I'm not a mushroom expert so please don't go frying one of those puppies up lol)