Thursday, August 12, 2010

Chimneys on the Ground

When I went out the other day to plant the broccoli and cabbage I noticed a whole slew of chimney-like clusters all over the bed where my zucchini were. Oddly, they were clustered around where the stems of the zucchini were leading into the ground. Could it be part of the life cycle of the SVB moth? I'm thinking possibly. We are just dog gone lucky enough to have two life cycle seasons of the blasted moth each year, so I'm thinking that may be part of it's life cycle being that they weren't in any either bed.

I was stupid enough to beat each to a bloody pulp before I took a picture and can't find any on the Internet. I'm hopeful I got them all, that's for sure. I'll go out there and look again this weekend to make sure they were obliterated because if their not from the SVB moth, I'm relatively certain they were from something nefarious.

The morning comes early. Especially when your 3 yr old girl wakes up at 3:30 singing "Scooby-Dooby-Do where are you?". Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. You chain yanker.

    If them's were crawdad holes I'd had had me a low country boil and nary said a word. The man would have sucked the brains out of each one to boot.

  2. Could it have been a fungus of some kind? We get strange-shaped things growing in the beds.

  3. I'll go with EG on this one and say get that pot a'boilin! Maybe giant African termite mounds? Oh, wait... I don't think that species has naturalized itself here YET ... LOL

  4. I haven't noticed anything like you are describing. I have noticed some brown shells that look like and SVB could have came out of after it came out of the ground, I thought those were from the svb's. But I really don't know anything!

    Ahh, the joys of a preschooler in the middle of the night! I feel ya!