Sunday, August 8, 2010

Things Are Looking Up!!

Things are looking up in the garden and I'm not complaining in the least! The temperatures have been in the low to mid 90's this past week and for some reason, whatever is left in the garden is treating that as a miracle. The eggplant and jalapenos have started putting out flowers again!
I'm going to try to get another round of cucumbers in before the frost and these guys have just broken the surface.
I'll most likely have to pollinate them all by hand and find some way to keep the worms from boring into them. Seems like that's always my biggest fall cucumber problem. I'm wondering if I wrap them in pantyhose if that would keep the worms out.

I went out today to plant some more beans and it looks like I already did and forgot to write it down! Very cool.

So, over all, I'm not as down and out about my garden any more. I'm very lucky that we live in an area where I can get two rounds of summer crops in, although I most likely should have put these in at the end of July instead of just last week. When it cools down tonight, I'm going to stick in the broccoli and cauliflower. Maybe some carrots as well if I get crazy.

The Keychains for a Cause effort is going very well! I mailed out six more keychains and fobs yesterday, bringing our total sold almost to 30 which makes us excited. I'm working on making them their own page as well as a facebook page to help publicize them, but for now, I've added two more ribbon styles:

Black with white polka dots (the stitching will most likely be white) and white with black polka dots
I've also bought some Halloween style ribbon that I'll put up in the coming days. Hey, if the stores can decorate for Christmas in September, I can hock Halloween in August! I've also ordered ribbon good for Twilight fans, teachers, book lovers, and bus drivers, the last three being perfect holiday teacher and bus driver gifts!

The morning comes early. Sweet second summer gardening dreams.


  1. I agree, it's great to live in a climate where 2 different warm weather crops can be grown each year. The only problem is the abundance of insects.

  2. I guess it is odd that this year, I too, consider low to mid 90's "cool"... weather has been unbearable!

  3. I would love to have 2 seasons to garden in. I'm attempting to do a 4 season garden though, but it isn't quite the same thing. The keychains are lovely.

  4. Our Eggplant is finally producing flowers too! And we just planted more beans and cucumbers. I don't know if the cucumbers will make if for our first frost, I'll cross my fingers.

  5. I finally spied a couple of tiny eggs on my blossom loaded eggplants! I don't know why this excites me, as I'm quite sure I'm not going to like eating them.

    Love my keychains! I gave one to my daughter, as she had the lanyard to wear around her neck and didn't like it, so seldom used it. She likes being able to just slip her wrist through this one. Me too. And I use the small one as a pull on my purse zipper. It lets me know which of those several zippers is the one with the money!

  6. Nice! I rather enjoy watching fall crops sprout this time of year. When is your average firsy frost date? I'm amazed that you can fit in a fall planting of cucumbers. It sounds like you would have a wide range of fall crops to choose from.

  7. Frost is somewhere late October or early November, and then it's not usually too bad until December/January. February is usually the worst.