Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summer 2.0 and Fall Garden Progressing

Granted, most of this fall's garden is a summer garden repeated one more time, but what is there for fall is doing well.

The peas don't seem to be minding the heat too much, but some of the squares haven't sprouted and I think we may see some stress if they start flowering before the heat goes away.
Below are the new cucumbers, but oddly, although planted in all of the back half squares, hardly any sprouted.
I've been eyeing an empty bed for about a week now and when I went to plant something there yesterday saw this below and a few sprouts that look oddly like carrots....looks like I may have planted some beans and carrots there while I was eyeballing the empty space last week and forgot to write it down. My memory really needs some help.
The beans I KNOW I planted behind the flea-bitten eggplant and nice jalapenos are starting to climb the trellis. Actually, a few are trying to climb the eggplants, so we'll have to fix that soon.
The cabbage and only a few broccoli have put up their starter leaves, but it's progress none the less. It's good to see green out there again and I can't wait to start that thing called harvesting once more. I don't think I'm going to do radishes this fall as they didn't do well last year, but I'm going to plant out some lettuce next weekend in the half shaded beds of the far yard. Those poor beds....I really don't know what to do with them as they only get good sun in June and July. the peppers, carrots and squash did not like it out there at all this year. The YPear tomatoes did okay, but not great. June and July sun is not really enough to do much of anything, but I've got 50 sqft out there that will go to waste if I can't think of anything....maybe I'll try bush beans next year or something.
The morning comes early. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. This reads like an ADHD garden diary, LOL! I love it! The same is going on here, little of this, little of 'dat, and "what's that over there"?! It will come...

  2. Erin, if you can't fight it, learn to live with it, right? It keeps gardening interesting. ;)

  3. Beans really do love to climb just about anything. Mine won't stay off my trellised cukes. I keep unwinding them, but then next week they are back.

    I have to write everything down too. The blog helps me out a lot to remember what I did, but I'm not blogging as detailed as I did last year.

  4. Your late plantings are looking good. I really need to get some more fall stuff in.