Monday, August 2, 2010

Planting Time and a Key Chains for a Cause Update!

No harvesting for me this Monday, but I've got harvests to come. It was relatively nice out all day today, cloudy and overcast, but it kept a lot of the heat down, so it was a good time to be outside working on preparing the garden for fall planting. Tonight and tomorrow I'm going to put in the second planting of beans and cucumbers. I haven't seen any bees since the zucchini came out, so a lot of the cucumbers may have to be pollinated by hand, but it will be okay.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Keychains for a Cause! In a few short weeks, we've sold 27 keychains and raised over $100 for my school's American Cancer Society Relay for Life Team.

This is the latest ribbon design we have to offer. It fills the keychain like the other white one, but the pink breast cancer awareness ribbons are much larger.
These guys are making great gifts with a purpose and are a way to show your support for cancer research as well. In case you haven't made it over to the Keychains for a Cause page, here's a quick look at the designs we have to offer. All come in full sized wristlets or half sized key fobs like the pictured purple one.
Head on over if you haven't already. Thanks for supporting our Relay for Life team!

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