Thursday, August 26, 2010

Taking One For The Team

I mentioned a few days ago about the squirrel or something of the like taking bites out of my eggplants. Honestly, I can't believe the eggplants are still producing as they stopped earlier this summer, but now that the nights are out of the 80's, they're flowering again. How they're getting energy, I have no idea. Every leaf is just as flee bitten as this one is:
Yet they keep producing and producing and it's the only plant that the beetles are attacking, so I'm leaving it and them be. The jalapenos right smack dab next to them, even touching them, are bug free and producing again as well now that the evenings have cooled.
They only get about 4 hours of sun and don't grow large and beautiful like others I've seen, but they're doing well enough for us and our needs which are minimal.
The second summer garden and the fall garden are coming along nicely. Pictures of those coming tomorrow!
The morning comes early. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. Now those are some well behaved nice looking jalapenos! Mine are in the naughty chair LOL

  2. It's much cooler here, too. It feels really good to be out in the garden every morning at 6 am and not sweat....

  3. It's odd to watch the pests hitting some and leaving others.

    Our plants are happy now that the mini heat wave has passed. Come on, fall!

  4. It's so hard to grow veggies when there is not much sun - I too have that same problem. I hope win the battle anyhow :)