Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And so it Begins.....

Another school year is under way. Yes, Northerners, scoff as you will about how early we start school, but then again, we are out before Memorial Day so it's a trade off. Yesterday, on the first day, we had a teacher email out "You know you're a teacher when...." His answer was "You forget your fork for lunch, are too busy to go to the cafeteria to get one, and wind up using two #2 pencils as chopsticks." He's right!

The morning is once again coming early, at 5:10, but it's not so bad, although this morning my 3 yr old said, "You're cruel! You're cruel!" when I turned on her lights and my 6 yr old said, "We only have to do this 178 more days, right?"

Yesterday I planted carrots and broccoli and some pickling cucumbers, and as usual, I didn't mark where I planted them, so I suppose I'll have to wait to see if anything sprouts before I work up what else I'm going to stick in the ground.

Saw that the peas are starting to sprout!
This is the year for peas for me, I just know it. It has to be! It's the third time I'll try. It just has to work....doesn't it?

On a keychains note, I've started the keychains on their own blog, but will keep up the ordering page linked to this blog as well. I've also put them on Facebook which is a whole new world for me.

Again, listening to a suggestion (send me your suggestions! email thecorneryard@ymail.com), here are some Halloween or otherwise "teen angst-edgy" ribbons to go on the keychains. The stitching will be black on these and either black or white on the black ribbon.

I just love the one on the green. It's just obnoxious enough to be so cool! Think of teens or bikers or whomever and get those stocking stuffers ordered before your checkbook is tapped out come December, and remember, every keychain helps support Relay for Life and you get a free keychain with an order of four or more. You can't beat that. And.....My vampire and teacher appreciation ribbon just came in. Look for those soon! Thank you to everyone who has supported us. We're very grateful and want you to know we're not sketchy dudes. You place your order and it will be mailed out the next day the mail runs. I promise!

The morning comes early. Woe is me. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. I couldn't help but produce a sinister laugh at the first kid I saw on Monday morning, waiting for the school bus to pick them up..hehe....They won't be goofing off at WalMart now! YeeHaw!!!! Snotty nosed kids.....

    Also, I really hope your peas turn out well this time.

  2. Oh! It is too early for school! But then again, I enjoy taking my kids places that are less crowded now that they are in school! But still.
    Do you not have good luck with peas? I had my first peas in the spring, they went well, but I didn't plant enough. I have planted more for the fall, we'll see what comes of them but I think the birds are eating my pea seeds! Grr!

  3. Back to school already! But summer hasn't even started yet! At least around here.

    I'm rooting for you pea-wise, it's gonna happen, really. Which reminds me, I didn't save any space for fall peas, darn it.

  4. Wow, back to school already? Wow, that is early!

  5. Actually, the county I live in (not teach in) went back last week! We go back early down here in the south. It's y'all northerners that stay in school so late!

  6. Oooh, those keychains are awesome! You can get peas this time of year? I can't grow them until about the end of September again. You are definitely one busy gal again, I love that your school starts now, ours didn't get out for summer until June 22nd, which in my opinion is ridiculous! The kids had to go from being stuck in school to being stuck inside during triple digits!

  7. Yes, us Northerners don't get warm weather until July in a cold year. Thank goodness we are not back to school already!!