Sunday, June 21, 2009


I should have taken pictures of the basket of goodies I harvested when we got home today.

I didn't.

I thought about it. I told myself to go upstairs and get that camera. I should have done it.

I didn't.

I got side tracked slicing the cucumbers and stuffing them in my face.

Our last wedding for the year, barring any surprises, is checked off the list. The children enjoyed a fantastic weekend swimming and playing in the sand with my parents and we got to see family on the man's side that we haven't seen in years with the added bonus of visiting and staying with friends in North Carolina, the wedding in Virginia being only 45 minutes away. The five hour drive that we once would have shrugged off is now one that our backs and knees found difficulty with. And it couldn't have been any better. Through the muscle spasms and futile attempts at stretching out we sang, both on and off key, laughed, counted the idiots on their cell phones, counted the idiots on their cell phones who actually maintained their own lane, and talked.

After we got home and I unpacked and began the laundry, I approached the back door, closed my eyes, and put my hand on the door knob. Taking a deep breath, I opened the door, steeling myself for the carnage that awaited me.

It was all still there. It all stood. Well almost. A tomato bush fell to the side, but that was easily righted. I knocked a few JB off and squished a few woolly aphid colonies that sprouted up and called it a day on the bug catching front and went to harvest what had ripened while I was gone.

And I didn't take pictures.

But I did get almost 3 pounds of cucumbers, 1.5 pounds of zucchini/squash and some tomatoes, beans, okra and peppers. I picked the BPeppers clean before we left and now have almost as many fully grown ones now. The cayenne peppers are finally turning red (not that I know any more of what to do with them now that they are red, but they are pretty). I found my cantaloupe is beginning to grow fruit. I'll make sure to take some pictures of that for tomorrow. Things look good, very good in fact thanks largely to my neighbor who watered the plants in pots on the front stoop. They wouldn't have survived the hot sun without the extra attention.

I'll take some pictures tomorrow, but I'm afraid it's getting to be too monotonous to show the same pictures of the same stuff week after week. :(

The morning comes early, and I know my back will enjoy getting stretched out. Sweet gardening dreams!


  1. Glad everything was ok when you got home!

  2. It probably would have been easier counting the people NOT on cell phones. This is my husbands pet peeve (well, mine too!). But, we smile to ourselves and remember the youtube video of popcorn being popped by cellphones and all is right with the world!

  3. It is nice that your garden was intact. Everytime we go somewhere in the summer, makes me anxious...hoping it will all survive. Somehow it usually does.
    Funny post, have a great day!

  4. I just had to jump in on the cell phone topic....I passed a girl on the highway the other day who was texting with both hands while steering with her elbows! That's scary. It's illegal in this state, but the prospect of getting a $145 fine doesn't seem to phase them in the least.

  5. But did you count the folks texting on their cell phone while driving? That is the predominant way people drive down here (ug).

    Glad you had a good trip and that the garden survived your absence!

  6. You guys seem to have been in the same frame of mind, Granny and Atrox_. I just never have understood texting. If you want an immediate response, call someone.

    Rosey, what I'm REALLY worried about is the week in July when we go to California. However, things are mostly done because of the heat here in July, so I may just call it a season and focus on the fall plantings when I get back.

  7. Thanks, Amy! I was beyond thrilled as well.

    Sue, you're right. The people on cells far outnumbered those not. My favorite is when all 4-5 people in a car were all yacking on the phone.

  8. I'm glad the cucumbers waited for you to harvest them. They were delicious, and the zucchini/squash casserole supberb. Nice way to celebrate Father's Day and the end of a fun weekend with the grand kiddies. Mom