Sunday, June 7, 2009

In the Interim

I'm working on a more comprehensive post full of pictures for Tuesday or possibly Wednesday by the time I've finished with the pictures, but I had to take a time out and say that the first okra flower bloomed yesterday. It was the most beautiful, aesthetically pleasing thing I have ever seen. Mind you, I've never seen an okra bloom before, and the deep, deep burgundy stigma against the silken creme flower and variegated green of the leaves was striking.

We picked enough royal burgundy beans the first time to put in a slaw/pasta type dish for a luncheon and then another two handfuls to give to the neighbors for having to look at the side box and then yet another two handfuls for the man and I to have for dinner tonight. We sauteed them with some zucchini and it was delicious. The boy thought it was magic how they went into the pan as purple and came out green. Then....he asked me to reverse it and do it again. Apparently, I'm not as good of a magician as I thought. I'll have to hold some back next time for a slide of hand trick.

I also picked three cucumbers. Two from the bush on the side and one from the vining one. The two from the bush were certainly not as sweet as the first one. These were a little bit bitter, one more so than the other. The less bitter one also was hollow in three sections throughout although no evidence of bugs were present in or out. I wonder if it was lack of water at a critical time which resulted in the holes. Regardless, I have the one from the vine in the fridge for tomorrow. I'm not sure how many of those vined females are getting pollinated as I've only seen one bee back there each day who seems to be wholly occupied by the zucchini and there being only one male flower open on a good day doesn't help, but all of my attempts to hand pollinate don't seem to be working. We'll have to wait and see.

Enough banana and cayenne peppers came off of the plants to make another batch of peppers sauce, this time for my mother, the source of inspiration to plant banana peppers to begin with. I remember her sousing everything in pepper sauce as a kid and then eating the banana peppers, themselves, for dessert.

As heartwarming as those flash memories are, they still make me cringe. I've learned to eat a lot of things as I've grown up; peppers are just not one of them.

Side note, Mom (who has never left a comment, by the way...Mom? You hearing this?) also told me today that she sent this link to God, all family, and every extended family friend we have. How come I feel like that girl whose first boyfriend is being subjected to the naked baby bath picture routine. That, and I used the word 'Sex' two posts below. Feeling really good about that now, I'll let you know. Family, and those of you who know you are family regardless of technicalities, if you did come back after that first look and see this, thanks. Shucks, like that girl above, I'm blushing.

Back to topic: Vinegar, I can guzzle. I may just take to this pepper, what in the world do you use it on? Greens, I'm assuming?

The cucumbers and two of the bean plants have reached the top of the six foot trellis. The individual green bush and pole beans are starting to lengthen. I have a few new blossoms on the purple beans, but once those are done, they're coming out and I'll wait on a fall crop of something else over there. The cantaloupe has sprawled out of its box and is trying to overtake the peppers and watermelon. I'm letting it overrun the watermelon since that watermelon doesn't seem to care about growing.

The zucchini plants are mammoth and far out pacing the ones I had last year. I'm most sure that the difference is in being in the garden instead of in pots, even though the pots were substantially large enough.

I planted some more bush beans and I'm planting more sweet potato slips either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Here's your cue: *Gasp* What's that you say? I thought you had all squares planted!?

Well, I did. I don't now, however. :)

(Note, here's where you say, "ooooohhhhh" like you're interested and will actually come back on Tuesday or more probably Wednesday to see what's going on.)

The morning comes early. Sweet gardening dreams. ;)


  1. *Gasp* What's that you say? I thought you had all squares planted!? No fair, Ribbit. I can't stand the suspense.

  2. Girl....cook some fried taters, pinto beans, and cornbread - then pour that pepper sauce all over everything. Oh god, it's good.....You can pour it on turnip greens, as well.

  3. It's OK about not getting all your stuff planted : )

    I still have 2-4x8 boxes to fill with soil.. and Romas, eggplant, cabbage... and ??? waiting to get planted!

  4. I hear you my sweet child. Just speechless with your many talents, and so proud to share them with everyone! I don't even mind if you mention that you had rather watch me eat the peppers than the baked chicken grease from the bottom of the pan.

  5. Granny, and I mean this lovingly, you'll just have to suck it up and wait. :)

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  7. MMMMM EG, sounds good.

    Hey, what ever happened to your cooking with EG segments?

  8. Toni, I did have everything planted and all squares were filled.

    This, is something different. :)

  9. Hi there, Momma! You've got it backwards. I'd much rather watch you pick off and eat the chicken greese off of the pan than watch you eat peppers.

  10. Well done! Blogging suits you and the topic is... well, who can resist the children and growing things? How nice for all!

  11. The peppers will go real well with the okra and some tomato sauce. Try it, you'll love it. I am looking forward to yet another delectable product from your garden. Mom