Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Updates, and EG was right

Yup. Squash bugs are here. I had heard tell that they showed up here in June. It's June 03. I think they're overachieving just a bit.

I picked off two of them and didn't see any eggs to speak of. Looks like I'll be taking more frequent trips to the garden just to check on it. If I can keep them from laying eggs it may not be so bad. I have one zucchini maturing now, which is good. Three more females were open today, but there was no male to speak of. Go figure, tomorrow I'll have at least two males open, but I think one of my females may just make it as well.

There seems to be more than the one grub making a mess of our yard. The man put down something to help draw them out, so we'll see what things look like in a few days.

I've been trying to hand pollinate the cucumbers since the number of males is completely lacking, but only one cucumber seems to have been pollinated. Hopefully I'll still have some time before the heat gets to be too much around here.

We picked about 5 oz of royal burgundy beans today and I put them raw into a coleslaw like dish. Not too shabby.

We're expecting rain these next two days. However, when you do have to water the garden, you might as well stick the kids in swim suits and enjoy it all around.

Winter stocking cap is optional, of course.

The morning comes early. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. What a cutie!!!

    So sorry to hear that the squash bugs have found you!!! Wasn't it nice of EG to share all the details about those bugs so that we can be on the lookout!

  2. Sure was, Toni. I had a million of them last year and it drove me nuts. Hopefully I can keep up with them this year. I'm not so scared of them anymore....

    The girl can be a doll. Just don't tell her she can't wear her stocking cap in 90 degree weather.

  3. Oh... I forgot to mention how I loved the combination of bikini and stocking cap!! Cute!

  4. ribbit - I'm glad I helped you over your fear of squashbugs. :-) Don't crush them, because they stink something awful! Just drop them into some soapy water...Love the stocking cap! Ha!

  5. Yes, love the hat! I actually wore my hat yesterday, but it wasn't 90...

  6. Ooooh, how sweet! I think stocking caps and bikinis go beautifully together ;-)

  7. Great outfit-do I see a fashion diva in the making? LOL. Its funny the get-ups kids come up with. By the time the temps hit hard, she'll be ditching the cap.

  8. Squash bugs are my number one enemy. It is too early for them here but I know what I am in for it. :o(


  9. Such a sweet pic! Don't forget the video you promised! And HB again!!!