Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Freezing Black Eyed Shady Dudes

There's got to be a better title in this somewhere, but I couldn't think of it.

I went ahead and cut the mammoth squash off the vine even though it hadn't blossomed. It got a good 4-5 inches longer in the night and, well, quite honestly it scared me. The sucker was huge. It wound up reaching from the tip of my middle finger to my elbow. Remember, this is before pollination! Very odd. I cut it and a few of its buddies and blanched them along with some squash and put them in freezer bags. I suppose they'll be good for casseroles and such, right?

I kept some out to make a dip for tonight because the man's aunt is in town. I usually make the dip with artichokes, but who says it can't be done with a squash medley. Ok, so the real reason is that I don't have artichokes on hand, but I sure do have zucchini! I'll probably also put out a raw veggie tray and have a cucumber-tomato-and feta cheese salad to go with the meal.

Here's a picture of the mammoth zucchini and its friends:

You can see how the flower end never pointed since it never got pollinated. For a size reference, here's the boy mulling the mammoth over.Lastly, here's both boy and girl. They're doing a pretty good job of pretending they like each other.Confession time. Yes, the girl has a black eye. We entered the door for swimming lessons and I stopped to hold the door for a woman with a stroller while the kids raced on ahead of me. The boy sped through the turnstile, catching the girl under the eye with the upswing of the next arm (does that make sense?). Feeling kind of Mother of the Year about it and all, but she's no worse for wear and had the excuse to scream like someone done shot her dog.

Since we're being candid, someone with a nasty little mind happened upon this blog with a google search. They apparently googled three words that have appeared randomly throughout my blog in the last several months. Isolated, the words are very benign. When used together, they're yucky. If, mister shady dude, you've happened to come back, which I don't know why you would, don't google stuff like that.

It's icky.

Most certainly don't google that and then tell the person in great detail whose blog you happened upon that you did.

That would be sketchy.

The morning comes early. I'm afraid to mention dreams at this point. :) HA!


  1. Looks like a regular zucchini squash to me even with its flat end.

    I freeze my extra zucchini too. Since I usually use it for Zucchini Bread, I grade it up and store it in 1 cup measurements.

  2. Oh, dear. I'm glad I haven't run into a Mr. Shady Dude yet. Well, just EG *snicker/snort*.

    Them's some squashes you got there, lady! Methinks you're going to have to invest in a zucchini cookbook! I used to have one, don't have any idea what happened to it. I probably won't need it though, my zucchini bush is beginning to look a bit sickly.

  3. GrafixMuse, It looks like I'll be freezing more tonight! I can't believe it. I can't decide if I want to freeze the shreadded zuch or just bake the bread and freeze that.

  4. sickly, oh no! What's wrong with it?

    I'm thinking my zucchini may have petered out. It's not producing any more flowers at all.

  5. Granny, I heard that!!!

    ribbit - A shady dude, huh? That's pretty sick.....BTW, I watched the video again, and can definitely confirm that you sound like a yankee. (not as bad as granny, though) Ha!

  6. Now, EG, HE thought he was being sick and perverted. I, on the other hand, got a pretty good chuckle out of it.

  7. Ew to Mr. Shady Dude - hope he stays far away from you and yours. WHY do there have to be a few bad apples to spoil the whole internet?

    I've yet to grow zucch's but I know that some plants will wait out hot spells before they start producing again... I just read that tonight. Hum... maybe it was about beans? Don't remember exactly.

  8. Aww they are so adorable!

    <3, Cousin Emily

    P.S. I love your blog even though I know nothing about gardening.

  9. Your zucchini is amazing! When did you start growing it?

  10. Oh my goodness, Em., they didn't get to you too! *sigh* However, now I can't wait to catch up on yours!!

  11. Kalena, I'm not sure exactly, but it was some time in late April, I expect.