Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 2009: Garden Blogger's Death Day

Kate and Crew at Gardening Without Skills has deemed the last day of each month as a time to recognize the things that have not gone so well during the month. I posted to KandC earlier that I ripped out my cucumbers on the side yard earlier this week, but forgot to take pictures. No blog about Death Day for me.

I spoke too soon.

I left the house this morning at 9:00AM, arrived back at around 12:00 and found this:

The zucchini bush had completely fallen over. Need another look?

My first thought was SVB. I had been so diligent and careful, but those eggs are hard to find. Writing off the plant instantaneously, I was disappointed as it was showing progress after not producing anything for a week, but I was conflicted because now I had something to share for Garden Blogger's Death Day. WOOHOO!! No wait...SHOOT, I liked that plant.

I went down there and couldn't find any sign of SVB damage anywhere. The stems of the plant weren't limp either. Aha! This was the same plant that got tipped over about a month ago. I leaned the plant up, watched it fall over and realized the new growth was most likely causing it to be top heavy. Eh, it made the zucchinis on the underside easier to cut off. I propped it back up, hoping I was right in it not being SVB damage and that it will start to grow straight like it did last time it tipped over.

I still needed death, so I got these pictures of the hanging plants that I gave up on a long time ago.

The boy's lavender will get transplanted in there tomorrow. The beans needed picking one last time, but it seemed each time I went to pick a bean, the entire plant came with it. Since this was the last picking I'd get out of them anyway, out they came!
That leaves more bare spots in the garden. I'm seriously considering just leaving it unplanted for fall. I don't know what I could put there that would mature in a month during this heat anyway.

Not all was doom and gloom; here's the harvest for today:
Tomorrow we're going to have to stew down some tomatoes.
The morning comes early. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. I planted some more zucchini today, because it still has plenty of time to produce before fall. EG wants zucchini!!!!

  2. Woohoo!!! Grow, EG, grow! Where in the world did you put it!?

  3. Last year my zucchini loved falling over too. Since it was falling over onto my other squash, I ended up putting in some stakes to keep it upright. My condolences on your geranium losses.

  4. I had a top heavy zucch that started to tip as well...then it washed away so my efforts to upright it were a lost cause. They need to make a support bra for top-heavy zucch's! LOL.

    On a brighter note - check out my blog today... :o)

  5. The harvest looks good! Wish I could say the same for the other plant pics - but I don't think you were expecting me to say that - given the post was death and dieing of plants! LOL!

  6. HA! I love the idea of a support bra for the zucchini. Too funny. I'm on my way to your blog now.

  7. Daphne, I'm seriously thinking about permanently propping it up, that is, if it looks like it will send off any more flowers. If not, I may just cut it off at the base and wait to rip it completely out until everything around it is done as well.