Sunday, June 28, 2009

For Dan: In Honor of Mister Early

Some of the most amazing garden photography I've seen have come from Dan at his Urban Veggie Garden Blog. Dan lives in Canada, and although his growing seasons are different from mine, he did have the promise of an early beautiful tomato and he chronicled the growth of Mister Early Tomato lovingly. Sadly, some time during the night, someone or might I say, something, skulked into his garden absconded with Mr. Early. He wasn't nibbled on, he wasn't damaged; Mister Early was totally and completely gone, clear down to his stem.

It's just not fair. Therefore, Dan, although you won't get your own early tomato to eat, please accept this gift of virtual tomatoes in tribute to Mister Early. Dan, whereas you might not get to savor your own early tomato, maybe your virtual early harvest can be bountiful.
The morning comes early, but it can wait until you check out Dan's photography. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. Wow Ribbit - those are nice tomatoes and certainly a nice tribute to the late and missing "Mister Early". I think we all went into mourning for him! :D

    I don't know why I have not found my way to your site before - but glad I finally did.


  2. Hi Kitsapfg! Thanks for coming by. I can't believe you work that many SQFT. That's just amazing!!

  3. Thanks for the virtual early tomatoes! I was just thinking that mister early probably would have been harvested today. Oh well, I just hope the tomato thief doesn't return.

  4. It just blew my mind that it was gone in its entirety. Odd, that.

    I've seen holes, nibbles and carnage, but never something missing in its entirety.

  5. That's a lovely gift. I wish computers had smell-o-screens, or virtual taste transmitters. Then we could really share.

  6. What an absolutely kind gesture. Do you have any virtual sugar snap peas for me???

  7. Sue, I wish. I didn't get a single SSP for myself this spring. I'm going to try again this fall. :(

    Stefaneener the smell transmitter would be fantastic. That way I could smell all of Granny's dinners!