Monday, June 8, 2009

Inching Towards a Successful Reveal

Well, sports fans, I think the post I was hoping to get in tomorrow may just not make it on time. I got over half the work done today, but the heat and humidity beat me. That, and a pair of wasps is desperately trying to build a nest in the kids' play house and I was obviously irritating them.

We picked more purple beans and cucumbers today. Along with our chicken we had a sliced cucumber salad and breaded eggplant. It's an odd feeling, eating a supper that comes from the garden. The plants you've nurtured from seedlings have grown up, matured and have left the vine. Most importantly, they'll never call home in the middle of the night to get bonded out of jail.

I'm oddly content.

The morning comes early. Especially when you're going to get up at 4:45 AM to finish a project like I am. It's just too hot during the day.

Sweet gardening dreams.

Addendum: I just went back outside to do one last "bug pick" when I noticed that a zucchini that was small this morning was massive and ready for picking tonight. Amazing! Also, I promise that I looked through the side cucumber bed at least three times today and then another when I pushed the leaves aside as I hand watered, but when I went out there now I found a cucumber ready for picking. It's amazing either what you can miss or how large things grow with just a little bit of sun and water!


  1. Breaded eggplant... I'm drooling!

    What are you going to finish at 4:45am? You sure are an early riser!!! Good for you!

  2. You're planting a garden in a playhouse full of wasps? No? It's not nice to leave Granny hanging in mid-air.

    I hear you about how the veggies grow. The day after I posted that I had 5 babies on one tomato plant, my neighbor and I were admiring them and, lo and behold, there were 15 that we could see! On one plant! Then I started finding tiny ones on both of my Tumbling Toms...those ones I started in AZ. I'd have thought they would have been much earlier to bear, but so much for starting my plants in January!

  3. I am so happy for you! Is eggplant good? I've never tried any....

  4. Toni, it was really nice. I used parmesean (sp?) cheese and bread crumbs and a little olive oil to fry. EG, the eggplant itself doesn't have much of a taste, but it takes on the tastes of what you cook it with. I'm really impressed with these ichiban ones. I've gotten so many off of them and they're still producing. Actually, I bet the pepper sauce would be great on them.

    Toni and Granny, the waiting's over.....check out today's post.