Friday, September 2, 2011

Thomas....I Found Your Friend.

 A few weeks ago, Thomas from A Growing Tradition posted his problems with his nemesis the groundhog.  He detailed his wonderful, humane trapping of said 'friend' and chronicaled relocating him.  Thomas, I'm not so proud to say that he's found his way to Flowery Branch, GA. 

I posted a while ago about helping my friend since elementary school fill her first SQFT garden boxes this summer.  I've occasionally posted updates on "Auntie Daddy's" garden as well, but recently, she's suspected something was doing damage to her plants.  It wasn't bug damage to be sure.  Was it a squirrel, a ferral cat, a plane?  NO!  It's Thomas' groundhog!!!

Ok, so it's not really Thomas' groundhog, but it's just as bothersome.  Although he ran off before "Auntie Daddy" could catch his name, I took the liberty of naming him Bubba.  This is Georgia, by the way.  He's a cute bugger, but is he conducive to gardening?  No.  However, would you pass up a free meal?  No way.   Don't know yet if Nattie will take measures to stop Bubba, but I doubt she'd be successful as her property backs up with a HUGE green space and any efforts would likely be futile as if this one learned there was no such thing as a free lunch, his buddy wouldn't be far behind.

I found out one of my administrators sent out a blurb to the county PR representative about the speakers I've got lined up for that law class.  Maybe there will be some local publicity I can share with you soon.  Still looking for ideas for the Current Issues class that starts in January.  My aunt mentioned how social media has aided in recent uprisings like Egypt, England and Philadelphia.  What a great idea!

You can stop reading now if you want, but on a Keychains for a Cause note, we've already raised $100.00 this year and that number can only go up! 

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and for that cause we've revamped our gold ribbon keychain to include a satin center with gold grosgrain edges.  I think it looks nice.  If you Facebook (It's a noun and a verb now, people),  and you don't mind, please go to our facebook site and share the post about the Childhood Cancer keychain.  There's so many out there that would love to show support for the cause and not enough ways to do it.  That, and the proceeds support Relay for Life. 

 Here's the entirety of the woman's order.  I just love that she loves the bees as much as I do.  Her grandmother's nick name is "Momma B" so it works perfectly! 
The morning comes early.  Let's just hope that by Monday my kids will understand that a national holiday means sleeping in past 6:00 AM.  Sweet gardening - sands groundhog - dreams.


  1. I think that is Thomas' groundhog! LOL

  2. I'm torn on the groundhog. They do sooooo much damage. They can decimate a garden overnight. And they have relatives!! But gosh, they're cute!

  3. Funny post! I don't really mind (my newly named) "Bubba". I have more than I can eat out there and the damage has really been minimal so far. I think my 3 tomato horn-worms did more damage than Bubba (worms given to an entomologist by the way and they will be moths soon). Good to identify the culprit though!

    BTW- am I on that list of law class speakers?

  4. Wow, I have never seen or even heard of a groundhog around these parts, but I'm thinking this would be the year for it!

  5. Of course! Just let me know when.

  6. Bubba is adorable. But I hope his destruction is kept in check. (That could be Thomas' ground hog.....he may have had enough of that crazed Massachusetts gardener, and so he headed south to live with his cousins. He heard something about peaches, and it didn't take much more convincing after that.)