Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Figuring Things Out

It took me long enough, but I think I've figured some things out. I haven't gotten a single bell pepper in three years of trying. I'm no Erin when it comes to peppers, that's for sure. I had just about given up on peppers altogether when I went out to the garden today and saw the pepper plants LOADED with peppers! What!? The plants have been out there since April with no peppers at all.

Ahhhh...the nights are getting cooler and the days are not generally in the mide 80's. When it was cooler in the spring, the plants weren't old enough to produce, but now, they're doing well, so here's my solution. I'm not going to plant the peppers in the spring. I'll use the space for other stuff, but once the things link squash and zucchini die off in late June/early July, in go the peppers. Then, by September when it cools off, the plants will be ready to put out some peppers. Whatddya think!?

I'm still getting a few tomatoes from the second round I planted. They don't get much sun, but the little they do get seems to be doing them fine. They're small, but still yummy.

I'm not the only one figuring things out today! Yesterday when we were outside, the boy asked us to take the training wheels off of his bike. Mind you, the boy is the most uncoordinated, unathletic kid on the planet, so I was worried, but he jumped on the very first time and took off down the drive way. I think he surprised even himself. I tried to take some film of him riding and then riding with his father.

He got an awesome battle wound when he target fixated on the tree in the front yard. He didn't run into the tree, but he did hit every branch he could as he plowed through it. We're pretty proud of him. The girl's begging to get her training wheels off now, but I'm not ready for that yet. She's going to be dangerous.

The morning comes early. Sweet bike riding dreams.


  1. LOL!! I remember those battle wounds. Fun stuff. Those tomatoes look like cherry variety. And I say that your pepper experiment sounds like fun. Try it out and see what happens.

  2. I'm completely giving up on peppers-it's too cool (and short season) up here for them.

    I wanted to tell you the library FINALLY got the Wintergirls in for me--I started last night and hated to put it down. Good stuff. But, I'm still wondering how the mind DOES that to a person. I can't imagine food being "the enemy"--my gosh, life without cookies???????

  3. I'll try and let you know Roherbot.

    Sue, it's a nasty disesase. I know several who have come close to death. Closer than you can imagine. It's a scary thing, indeed. Glad you're liking the book!

  4. Yay for The Boy! LOL, I know exactly what you mean with our "uncoordinated" boys... I think guys like ours suffer from their brains and over-developed conversationalist personalities sucking up all the cells that normally go to coordination hahaha! Sometimes talking to Loch you would swear you are talking to a 40 year old, but then we go and try to play catch and you are left laughing, shaking your head and saying "what the heck is this"? I got Loch to ride when he was 5 but it was only because I was mean and bought him a new bike and took the training wheels and threw them in the trash and told him it didn't come with any LOL... not one of my finer "mom moments" - but hubby was deployed and I was frustrated since his 3 year old brother was already riding :)

    The Boy deserves a special dinner for this, tell him I said so, LOL!

  5. WOOHOO for the 2 wheeler! And for peppers that happened a lot here until I learned to plant my (bell) peppers in December. LOL. They producein March and April they stop in May and start again now. I got my first one on again this week. :-) Lost most my plants over the summer but I think I found a fix for that this year too! whoot!