Saturday, September 24, 2011

September in the Garden

The days have thankfully cooled down again. Seems like we're in for a stretch in the 80's which doesn't hurt anyone's feelings. What beautiful weather! Although the garden has been largely neglected recently, some things are still going well.

Unfortunately, the cabbage and lettuce aren't some of those things. Whatever it was that got them, got them good. Not even a stump remains. Still thinking if I should replant, or if now that the critters know where the free meal is they'll keep coming back.
The sweet potatoes are looking good and the other day there was one as long and as fat as my forearm. I pulled it, put it in my bucket, and when I got in the house I noticed little white bugs crawling in and out of it. I'm sure the rest of them under here are infested as well, but I just love the vines. Thank goodness sweet potato vines are pretty!

The broccoli is going strong in the box farthest from the all you can eat buffet. Broccoli is right up there with lettuce and tomatoes as one veggie that grocery store produce can't touch in taste.

The second planting of tomatoes are doing pretty well. I've gotten a few off of the bush tomato plant, and there are some nice green ones waiting to ripen on the brandywine. I can't wait! Now that I haven't eaten fresh tomatoes in a while, I'm ready to have some again. The basil in the box to the left was harvested just last week and it looks like I'll be making more pesto soon! I've also taken the dehydrator to some leaves which has worked out very well.

All in all, the aerial shot shows the main corner yard as still trucking along pretty smoothly. The peppers are flowering again so I'll have some of those to take to school soon.

I've registered to do another festival for Keychains for a Cause in October and I've got three more in the works. I'm really excited about all of it. I was trying to come up with ways to bring people to the booth and increase sales. People like games, so I was trying to think of a way to incorporate our corn hole set into the action. I thought about giving a toss for a free keychain for purchases of 2 or more, but that would chip away at proceeds too quickly. Then I thought about that with every purchase, if you donate a dollar more you could buy a toss to get in a drawing for a free keychain at the end of the event. That, or I could just drop the extra dollar and say you get a toss for each keychain purchased and each completed toss is an entry for a free keychain.

What do you think? Any other suggestions?


  1. about this:
    Each keychain purchased = a throw
    $1.00 = a throw

    Each sunk throw = entry into drawing for a free keychain. That way people don't spend extra on top of their keychains and people who don't want to buy one can still be entered to win a free one for only $1.00.

  2. I have to try growing sweet potato one year!

  3. I agree, those vines are so pretty! I haven't even planted my lettuces yet, we are on the 6th straight day of rain, and it's still hot too, yuck! That pic of the SUN in your garden was so nice to look at :)

  4. You garden is so beautiful this season- great job!

    I am no help with the game idea, but the festivals sound like a lot of fun (and a lot of work!). All my best with them!