Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Things are Good While They Last

I took the kids to the county fair yesterday. They had an absolute blast. My heart warmed when the kids went on the "kid" roller coaster which, in my oppinion, was rather terrifying and they held hands the entire time. Then, while we were walking the fair and after the boy said, "I see some things that are really disturbing," I fussed at them for not holding my hands. The boy then said he'd rather hold on to his sister's other hand because he was worried for her. They're such good kids.

We got to see a baby chick hatch from an egg and they each rode three rides and got to play one game. My school's front office secretary works at the entry ticket counter and the kids couldn't be happier to see her. After each ride or each animal they saw they screamed, "We need to go tell Mrs. Stephens!" It got a bit old after the thirteenth time and I told the girl, "It's a pig, honey. You can tell her on the way out." She replied, "I know it's a pig. That's why we need to go tell her right now!" On our way out they did manage to walk in front of the entire line and tell her each and every thing they saw.

Like the fair, all good things come to an end which saddens me because bacon, ranch chilli cheese fries and fried snickers bars really deserve a place in our everyday lives. Sadly, in this case, the good things come at the cost of my law class. I know I've mentioned we're about 500 kids short of our estimate and we had to lose 4 teachers, a situation which put one of our LA teachers on extended day. Some how, we wound up getting one of those teachers back at least for two periods a day. He's taking my law class and I'm getting another woman's Senior CP LA class - for which I already teach two other sections. This does get rid of one extra planning for me, but I'm sad to see them go. We spent the last day discussing the Troy Davis case, the death penalty and the fallibility of eye witness testimony. Yes. I'll miss them.

The door has closed, but even in these short six weeks I've learned so much. I surely had a good time.

The morning comes early. Sweet fair fare dreams, my friends.


  1. Sounds like there's a lot on your plate education wise. We have the same thing going on here in Arizona except we have too many students jammed in one class. I'm not sure where education is going in this country...well, I know where it's going, but when we hit rock bottom? And we're almost there. Time for those chili cheese fries:)

  2. Us, too. I've got 35. Hop can I work with them individually on essays or even ,for that matter, grade them all!?

  3. I am amazed you are able to fit the county fair in to all you do!

  4. Erin, it's not so exciting...we went right after school and stayed for an hour, hour and a half at tops. It was a quick in and out.

  5. I'm sorry to hear about the issues you are currently going through. I can't imagine how difficult it is to be a teacher in this day and age. Hopefully we can get the educational system back on track in this country with some meaningful reform.

    I can't wait to go to the annual fair in our area next month. Though I've never been a fan of coasters.