Friday, September 9, 2011

Moving On...

Today is better than yesterday. I suppose that's to be expected. It was still as surreal as yesterday not to have to dart out of the car, leaving children, mail and groceries behind, and run to the basement to let the dog out before he got so excited to hear the garage door that he peed in the basement. Today we took our time, I gathered our belongings and made sure the kids had theirs and meandered into the house. I then acted on autopilot it appears and went to the basement door anyway before I caught myself. It's going to be hard to change old habits like leaving the back door cracked so Gibson could come inside when he pleased, filling up water bowls and leaving a kitchen chair pulled out for his food bowl. The hardest part, I think will be to look at his favorite places to sleep and know he's not there, even if you're sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that you saw him there just a second ago wagging his tail.
This bed of his is going to go to our neighbor's boxer, Harley. I think she'll get good use out of it. The bed downstairs and the rest of his food were given to other neighbors who have an older dog, themselves. The kids love Shadow and were glad that he could use Gibber's bed. The frog....will stay with me. The frog was a constant companion throughout the years. When a younger dog, he'd parade with the frog around the house at exactly 7:00 every single night. He'd go from room to room, upstairs and down, and made sure every person and each wall in the house saw his parade. He'd follow the same route for the same number of circuits each time. Now, as an older dog, the frog remained in the basement and became largely ignored, but occasionally, when you weren't looking, all of a sudden Big would be on his bed with the frog and the two of them would be snuggled like the best of friends they were.

Therefore I can only say, "Thus the joys of God / Are fervent with life, where life itself / Fades quickly into the earth."

I, understandably, have not been in the gardening mood and things have gone from bad to worse. Wednesday night I ripped out the old tomato plants and last night - partially for therapy, I planted out the lettuce, broccoli and cabage. It's nice to see new growth again. I did, stupidly, realize after the fact that I planted the lettuce directly under that stupid oak tree where they were shreadded by falling acorns yet again. I planted enough to keep us and even Granny and Cookie in a steady supply, so I'm thinking I'll still make it out with some. ;)

To make sure we're still keeping up with our amazing fashion sense, the girl got new pajamas and I think they're the most rockin' things I've ever seen - especially for $3.00 at a consignment sale. She's trying to mimic the mouths on the skulls.
The boy loves full body flanal pieces and whereas the man and I both have a deep rooted detestation for the New England Patriots, for $1.50, the boy got his pajamas. However, I've come to terms with the fact that to save his life he cannot take a picture in which he does not look perpetually drunk or stoned.

The temperatures went from solid 90's each day since June to days this week where we've been lucky to hit the mid 70's. We bypassed the 80's completely. Whereas if we were talking in decades, this wouldn't hurt my feelings one bit, but the lower 80's are so enjoyable during the fall. I'd wish for them, but Mother Nature can be a real *mother* and she'd most likely go all "beggers can't be choosers" on my rear end and we'll be back to 97 degree temps for another week. I'll just keep my mouth shut. None of the above counted, okay Mother Dearest?

I'll get some pics of the garden tomorrow and I've got an awesome present to blog on. It's a wine loving gardener's dream.

The morning comes early. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. I'm sure the echo of Gibson will resound throughout the house for quite some time. Every time you turn a corner, you will expect him to be standing there. I will always see him at your front door, waiting to be let in. Weren't those nine years wonderful? I'm sure they were for him. He'll never be forgotten, and none will ever take his place in your hearts. I think he knows that, even now.

    You'd better send some of that lettuce, 'cause my fall planting is coming on too slow for Cookie! He actually had to eat store bought iceberg last night....the shame.

  2. Agreed. Your puppy lived some good years with you guys. It'll take awhile. Give yourself some time...and then maybe someday down the road, you'll look into adopting a new friend...not to replace Gibson....but to extend to your family. I've gone through this several times and it's painful so hang in there.

  3. It takes a long time to get over the loss of a pet (family member!!)
    I swear , you have the funniest kids.....I just know some day the girl will be a fashion designer. Yea. I see it. Cuz, a LOT of that really really expensive designer stuff makes you kind of scratch your head..... and she's got it nailed!
    LOL!! The boy, well, keep an eye on him. Ha!!
    Have a great weekend, Ribbit!

  4. I've been thinking about you guys. I know how hard it is, and I hope it's getting a little better day by day.

    I relate so much to the girl's fashion sense. I had the most over the top fashion sense myself when I was her age. I hope she keeps it as she gets older. I got all self-conscious and forgot mine for a while, but your brother-in-law has helped me reclaim it.

  5. It will take a long time to get over those old habits, I still look on the floor near the dog's water dish to mop up the mess, but then remember that messy big guy is gone, and the girls don't do that, prissy drinkers that they are. Funny how those things that were maddening like the constant trail of water make me smile now, I'm sure you'll do the same in time!