Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More Catching Up!

If I thought it had been along time between my previous two posts, it's got nothing on this. With school in full swing and then catching that doozie of a 'we're back to school cold' which knocked me for a loop for a few days, I'm afraid the garden has taken the back burner. I haven't taken out what's died from the summer, nor have I planted anything for fall yet. I'm not sure if I will or not, but I may try to throw some lettuce and carrots in before it's too late. I'm just honestly burned out and tired, but ignoring the garden doesn't help. I've got to get myself out there this weekend. Once I do, I know I'll be happy I did.

This is the basic harvest we've been getting for a while. The beans have died back to where I'm not picking them much anymore, but the tomatoes still keep coming.
The cherry and pear tomato plants look as dead as dead can be, but they're still putting out tomatoes day after day.

The Cherokee Purple tomatoes are really very small. They're not getting the size on them that they did earlier this year. These will find themselves in the school's mail room tomorrow.

Thank goodness the garden is comprised now of three sections - plants that haven't produced all year and don't show a desire to do so in the near future, those plants that can sustain themselves with little care, and the dead ones just waiting to be collected. I think a lot of the problems the garden is having is that it hasn't rained in I don't know how long and the temps haven't gone below 90+ since June. Today was 91 and people were actually talking about how cool it was - even with the high humidity. I'm ready for the fall!

I'll get some good pictures of the garden as a whole once I clean it up a bit. Maybe that's good incentive for me to get it done.

In other homefront news, we've got a new boyscout in our midst.

He's very cute in his uniform and wore it two days straight when he got it. We're also pretty proud of his den leader....look familiar?

They make a cute pair.

The girl started her first day of four year old pre-k Monday and you've got to love the outfit she chose to present herself in to her teacher for the first day of school.

Yes, tie-dye, patchwork and mismatched socks always scream first day of school to me! That, and you can't forget the goofy smile.

As for me, I'm doing a ton of reading. It's one of the main reasons I haven't blogged in a long time. I get so caught up that other things go by the wayside. A kid gave me a fantasy book today to read. Fantasy is not my thing at all, but the last book a student told me to read turned out pretty good so I'll give this one a chance.

In Keychains for a Cause land, these six bee keychains are shipping to Ohio tomorrow! The horse fob was free with her order of 5 or more.

The morning comes early. Sweet gardening dreams!


  1. The girl has some seriously "odd" outfits at times....LOL! Perhaps she's the next Albert Einstein?

    And a Total Reprieve for garden neglect---I would simply DIE if I had temps like that. How on earth does ANYONE function in that crap?

  2. Rocking the Boy Scout uniform, nice! I tried to get Loch in last year but his school was lame-o and there wasn't any interest to start a troop - largest elementary and there was only 5 of us in the auditorium for an interest meeting, sad. I'm hoping his new school has one going. My tomatoes were getting pretty small towards the end, too. Oh, and thanks for reminding me to prepare for that back to school germy cold stuff, I had forgotten all about that! Glad you checked in, air is finally in the upper 60's low 70's at night here, hope you get the same asap, it does wonderful things for my disposition LOL

  3. Book recs? you want book recs? Bwaa haa haa. We do fantasy, highbrow lit, comedy, all screened by a 16 year old. Ask any time.

  4. I love the girl's style. That's totally an outfit I would have worn at her age. Who am I kidding. That's pretty much an outfit I'd wear now!

  5. So great the boy and man are doing the scout thing! Hope they get to go camping soon!

    The heat has really been too much recently to do much gardening- add in the mosquitoes and the heat and the total lack of any rain, and no one can blame us for slacking here at the end of the summer season. I just got some squash and cilantro seeds in- probably all I am going to do for the time being.