Saturday, October 1, 2011

Behold the Awesomeness X3

*Booming voice* Behold the awesome peppers! Some may say, "Oooh aren't they quaint." To those naysayers, I respond - They're the first dratted bells I've grown in three years! Quaint my tuchas.
Not awesome: I love the way my cantaloupe decides to sprout now.....instead of in the early summer when I planted them. October? Really? Idiot seeds.

To continue: *clears throat for booming voice* Behold the awesome battle between good and evil....

and then I ask the girl if she was princess Leia and she responds, "What would I want to do that for?" Poor misguided child. However, last night we introdiced the boy to the first thirty minutes of Monty Python's The Holy Grail and when it came down to burning the witch the boy says, "I think their hypothesis is flawed." *Booming voice* Behold the awesomeness!!!

In the last, most awesome of awesomeness, in honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the first four orders this month at Keychains for a Cause receive a FREE breast cancer awareness key fob. Help support Dacula High School's Relay for Life! If you don't want to order keychains yourself, 'Like' our facebook page and share this offer.

There is the update on the awesomeness that is the Ribbit household. Can't ask for much more, can I.

The morning comes early. May the force be with you in your dreams.


  1. Light Sabres and peppers. What's not to like? Behold the awesomeness, indeed!

  2. Funny post, I enjoyed reading it. Have you planted anything for fall and winter? I planted some lettuce and spinach, but the spinach didn't take so I might try another planting.

  3. I've put in the broccoli, but the cabbage and lettuce I had in earlier got obsconded with by some unseen nefarious pilferer. I'll likely hold a grudge all winter.

  4. TADAAA! Well done! I got a kick out of the hypothesis statement, and those are glorious peppers.

  5. Well, for heaven's's about time you got some peppers! I'm not even going to tell you I have so many I'm giving them away now. No, I'm not going to tell you that ;-)

  6. LOVE the kids with the light sabers and the Monty Python education. You are clearly raising your children exactly right.

  7. WAHOOO! Peppers, finally! You GROW girl!