Monday, September 6, 2010

The Princess and the Pea(s)

Yesterday we discussed how inept I was at growing carrots. I was encouraged by hearing I wasn't the only one that carrots gods have deemed unable to grow substantial carrots, and it seems like their crunchy goodness may evade me yet again, for my latest attempt has sprouted and the rain we had a few weeks ago apparently floated all of the seeds together in one pile in the center of the bed. Oh well.

The peas, another veggie that has left me fruitless in the past, seem to be loving these cooler mornings. Yes, we still get up to the 90's during the day, but the cool nights in the 60's seem to keep these guys happy. Hopefully we'll get some good peas this year.

On a pea note, we all know the story of the "Princess and the Pea" where the prince's mother put a single pea under the middle of a stack of mattresses in order to make sure the Princess was a real princess. Well, yesterday, our little "princess" got her toddler bed transformed into a big-girl bed.

Yeah. That was our thought, too. We had no idea the big-girl bed would be so, well....BIG!!!
The bed's taller than she is.

I seriously doubt she noticed the whole blasted can of peas under that mattress.
The morning comes early. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. Love it! A whole can of peas!! She is definitely a princess.

  2. Cute pics!

    And what is up with Granny and her carrots? I bet she has some kind of smoke device with happy stuff in it and she smokes the whole bed and talks to them all night while we are sleeping.....what about it, AG? What's the carrot secret? Spill it!

  3. The new bed's very cute, but there's something missing above the head board...Dad....Do you see the blank wall, Dad? ;)

    Erin, I agree, totally. Granny's up to something.

  4. Aww! Very cute! Our girl got her big girl bed this year too. I never heard the pea story, but my girl is really into "Sweet Pea" a Veggie Tales movie right now about a veggie princes! It's cute.

  5. Hey we all know granny she is up to no good. I wonder if she is going to AZ this winter. John

  6. That little princess is precious!

  7. I also could not get my carrots to size up in my Indiana garden, but the same carrot seeds I sowed in my mom's "garden" (2 foot wide strip of dirt next to the concrete walkway) in California grew the best HUGE carrots I've ever seen.

    I'm glad to hear that your peas are growing well. My peas keep getting snipped at the bottom by something. I guess that's what cutworms do? They really look like someone is taking a pair of scissors to the base of the plants. I don't know what to do!

    Your princess is simply adorable. I can almost forget about my pea problem and smile at your princess and the pea story. :)

  8. Adorable princess!

    carrots and peas can be fickle. but under the right conditions they provide a sweet garden treat. I hope you have a delicious fall pea harvest this year.

  9. That was FAST! Just got my keyfob today, love it! Really nice quality, Ribbit, the fasteners and everything are impressive! Thanks to you along with supporting the troops with my bright yellow ribbon, I will be able to find my keys in my bag, too!

  10. That's fantastic, Erin! I'm so glad you got it so fast, even with Monday being a holiday. I'm even happier that you like it.