Sunday, September 12, 2010

Harvest Monday and a Local News Article

For about the fifth Harvest Monday in a row, I've pulled off a ton (not by Erin's perspective) of jalapenos. I only have two plants and their in partial shade which makes me even more shocked that they produce like they are. They're the lone plants that survived the heat of July and have come back now in late August and September with a vengeance. These, most likely, will find a home tomorrow in the teacher work room for anyone who wants them as I don't eat them at all. The ones this late in the year are just way, way too hot for me, but I'm excited to bring something into the house to harvest!
On a side note, there was an article in the local papers and in the news about a man in the Atlanta area who is getting sued by his county for producing more crops than he is zoned for.
The morning comes early. Sweet jalapeno harvesting dreams.


  1. Ohmigosh... "Cabbagegate" indeed! How ridiculous! And yet so is the fact that I can't have 3 hens in a cute coop but my neighbor is allowed to throw mattresses, broken glass, and cars all over the place....grrrrrr! I say "farm away!" I'm sure it all goes back to some contracts the city farmers market has with vendors and they are upset over this guy. Again, ridiculous!

    On a more upbeat note, nice peppers! That's what I'm talking about, enough to make salsa with, but not necessarily build a home out of LOL! And in the shade, too!

  2. Nice JalapeƱos!

    And that man getting sued is crazy! What is it with people having issues with gardens! We had a silly issue here last summer...
    Poor people! I guess some people really have it out for fresh food!

  3. Ah, spicy jalapeno dreams...

    I can't believe the lengths that the "officials" will go to to harrass someone doing something as harmless as growing too many veggies - ridiculous.

    Better be careful about how many peppers you pick...

  4. Thanks for sharing that interesting article! I would have never guessed that one could get in trouble for veggie gardening in the wrong "zone" but maybe it makes are difference if you're doing it in multiple acres.

    Great jalapeno peppers you got there! Having enough to share with others is always great.

  5. Those jalapenos are gorgeous! I think it's crazy that a person could be harrassed for the amount of produce grown on their property....

  6. Very nice looking jalapenos! I just picked a bunch too!

    My teenage son is asking for jalapeno jelly... got to find a recipe!

  7. Love the jalapenos. Too bad about the farmer. I think that is so sad.

  8. Toni - don't know if this is what your son has in mind, but sounds good - Paula Deen's Pepper Jelly.

    Ribbit - you don't like jalapenos?? Even stuffed with cheddar cheese and baked (or fried)? Mine aren't big enough to stuff, so I'm jealous.

  9. Nancy, at this time of year, they're just too, too hot.

  10. Hey NancyinLA, thanks for the recipe! Will go check it out now!

  11. Hey, Toni...let's hijack Ribbit's comments!

    I've never seen a recipe sheet in any box of pectin that didn't include a recipe for hot pepper jelly. Sometimes it's called hot pepper relish, maybe hot pepper jam or jalapeno something-or-other, but they are one and the same. I always just follow that included recipe.

  12. Hijack away!!! I'm loving the suggestions.

  13. I just love my gardening friends! Granny, I'll look!

    Thanks Ribbit for allow the hijack!

    Have an awesome day!!!!!

  14. Hijack? What hijack? A conversation is a conversation and this is what blogging is all about.

    Now, I'm attracted to shiny things. Consider this, and talk amongst yourselves.

  15. You're attracted to shiny things, huh? Would you believe Mr. Granny won my 1 carat diamond ring on a free spin board in Reno, NV? It's a nice, shiny thing! I won a deck of cards on my spin ;-)

  16. I doubled my money once on a gambling cruse we took with the teachers from a school in South GA that I worked with one year.

    I was at the slot machines and put in a quarter and got fifty cents back. I doubled my money and was set for the night.

    A one carat diamond ring sounds a whole lot better.....he did give it to you, right?

  17. Of course he gave it to me!

    Now that you've bragged about doubling your money at a slot machine, I'll have to put you to shame. Two years ago, Mr. Granny and I entered a FREE slot tournament in Laughlin, NV. He won the whole shootin' match for....

    Hold on to your hat.....


    Thanks for the new car, Tropicana Express ;-)

    PS: As usual, I won nothing. But that same year, on our trip home from AZ, I did win $1000 playing a penny machine (and only spent $20). Spent the winnings buying Annie and Otto, and having them spayed and neutered. Best buy I've ever made.

  18. All yet one more reason you're my hero, Granny!

  19. Ribbit and Granny, you guys are so funny and reading your comments in my inbox just brightens up my day.

    One time, I was randomly browsing the internet for vegetable gardening information, and stumbled upon Granny's blog. This led to my discovering the wonderful world of garden blogging, and I found many more fantastic garden bloggers like Ribbit, Erin, Daphne, EG, Michelle, Shawn Ann, Toni, etc. I still continue to discover new garden bloggers every week, it's overwhelming. Best of all, all this is free!

    Oh sorry, I guess there's nothing "shiny" in my story. :-)