Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's All Good

Well, my friends, I came home today to find the remaining lettuce seedlings eaten down to their stems. Seems like I'm going to just need to remember which veggies I can grow in the fall and which I need to keep for the spring. It's just odd to me that the squirrels don't bother the lettuce overly much in the spring so much as they do in the fall.

I did decide to leave the stems in the ground. I've found lettuce has almost magical regeneration properties and I'm hopeful some will still sprout some leaves. It may even be better this way since it's still in the stinkin' 90's during the day here. It's all good.

Things are good also because I picked the first two pickling cucumbers from the garden yesterday! I decided not to grow these in the summer since I wanted the space for the zucchini, but they're vining so much I may just grow them on trellises next year in the summer. They were the perfect size for snacking and even though there was little to no rain and I watered pretty infrequently, they were as sweet as could be.
I'll certainly try them again next year. I don't know what's pollinating them since there aren't any bees around and haven't been for some time, but I'm sure not complaining!

The morning comes early. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. I never grow "real" cucumbers. I just grow pickling cukes since I love them so much. They are great for eating fresh. Yum.

  2. now that you mention it, I have noticed that about lettuce!

  3. I have squirrels, but they never bother my garden veggies. Someone stated in their blog, sorry I can't remember who, that squirrels only eat the produce because they need water, and if you put out a water source for them, they'll leave your garden alone. We have abundant water, and I have a bird bath near the fence that is always full. Maybe you could try putting a big bowl (or small tub) of water in your garden?

  4. Those cucumbers look good! Good idea to leave the lettuce in. I've pulled plants out, left them on the soil and they still grew new lettuce.