Thursday, September 2, 2010

Aiming to Please

****This is an update to today's earlier post****

Erin asked the difference in sizes of a wristlet an key fob. This below is my wristlet on 1 inch nylon webbing that I use daily. I thought the white would get so much dirtier than it has, but it's been great and even that little green smudge on there was fuzz from the couch. The wristlets are 10 inches in length before they're folded over.
Key fobs are half that size at 5 inches before folding over.
Here's a picture of a key fob in action! Nothing like an action shot to really bring life into the picture...okay, so keys are rather boring for photography, but this is the key fob the man uses for his daily keys.
Hopefully that helped!

What started off as just a cancer awareness keychain operation has morphed into celebrating a myriad of causes near and dear to our hearts. I couldn't be happier. The suggestions we've had to this point have been invaluable, but the two from the last two days are extraordinary.
Erin, who is braving Earl at this moment, asked for ribbon to recognize our troops. I'm happy to say we now have the red white and blue ribbon that stands for the all inclusive "Support Our Troops."
I also found a better yellow than my original reflector tape yellow and double layered satin on grosgrain. The yellow ribbon signifies our anticipation of our soldier's homecoming with the phrase "Until they Come Home" which tears me up in pride and anxiousness.
I did some more shopping for Barbie from yesterdays Infant Loss Awareness ribbon and found this pink and blue ribbon to be bolder than the pale pink and blue of yesterday. I'll keep the original on the website regardless, but this key chain would be made to show blue on one half and pink on the other side and sewn with pink on the blue and blue on the pink.

It's not sewn down in the picture so it may look a bit strange here. I'll plan on having these three ribbons up by the end of the evening.

Keep the suggestions coming. There are tons of awareness ribbon colors and so few products for the supporters that I feel through these simple keychains we could provide some serious hope and comfort to others and raise money for a spectacular cause at the same time.

The morning comes early. Sweet dreams, everyone.


  1. Very nice! I am going to see if any of the other wives in the squadron want to order with me before I do!

  2. Ribbit what's the difference between the wristlet and key fob, the key fob is smaller? Also did you set up an Etsy shop for these? If not you should I bet you could get a bunch more sales for your cause! Hmmm, can you tell I have nothing left to duct tape, maybe all my craziness was "just a drill" LOL!

  3. Wristlet fits on your wrist so you can wear it like a bracelet. I use mine so often because I hate carrying a purse and it's so nice just to grab and go when I've got to run in a store. You know...I should take a picture of mine on my wrist and post it tomorrow.

    The key fob is half sized and really only large enough to fit one or two fingers in. It's more decorative than anything.

    I haven't done an etsy store because of the commissios they charge. I'd either have to up the price of the key chains, or lower the amount from each I donate and I can't do that in good concience.

    Thanks for helping me spread the word, Erin and more importantly, take care out there, Erin!

  4. I had no idea Etsy charged, so I definitely understand now why you wouldn't!