Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Peas, Please!

Fall had yet to arrive to Georgia as of last week. I took this picture of my pea plants this Saturday. They are the tallest, healthiest looking pea plants I've ever grown and none of the other attempts had yielded peas, so I was hopeful. They were planted in August some time and have done fantastically, but because of the constant 90 day weather (or so I'm assuming) they haven't yielded a single flower.
Until today, that is!!! Woohoo!!!
The rain from yesterday finally brought with it cooler temperatures. Now we're rocking and rolling with lots of little flowers everywhere. It even looks like I'll be harvesting some beans before too long. This just makes me giggle. I'm just thrilled.
I'm still going through the stash of ribbon I hoarded from the clearance isle this weekend. Today I'm putting up on the Keychains for a Cause page all of the polka dotted ribbon.
The first is red and white polka dots for someone who requested another University of Georgia themed key chain. I'm telling you, us Dawg fans are pretty darn loyal. We have to be after this year and last year, I'll tell you that, but the day we loose to Vanderbilt is the day I hang my head.
The next two are a purple on purple and a green on green polka dot. The ribbon's a bit shimmery which is very interesting, but difficult to photograph as the light wants to bounce off of it at odd angles.
The morning comes early. Sweet pea lovin' dreams.


  1. We planted pea plants in August too. Yours looks way better than ours. Congrats on the flowering!

  2. My peas are finally up! The daily rain this week should help them spring up quicker I hope.

  3. I used to always try for a fall crop of peas. They just don't do well up here though. Yours look beautiful!

  4. Wow Ribbit, your peas look really good! Tall and healthy. I've started picking some snow peas but they are tiny compared to the ones earlier this year. Lazy me forgot to thin the plants. Oh well. I'm sure you'll get a great harvest from your plants.

  5. Yay for the rain and cooling temperatures! I hope you get lots of pea and bean flowers and a good harvest of their delicious fruits.

  6. It was really weird to have it 95 one week, and then wake up with high 40's the next. However, i'm sure glad it's here...