Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Standing Proud and Flowering

The winds of last Saturday are still continuing. The broccoli has never fully righted itself, but sure enough, even though they're toppled over, they're arching themselves back to the sun. I don't think the stalks will ever be upright again, but that part seems to be negligent.

The bugs, however, are in full force. I've found tons of aphids on my eggplant and the cabbage worms are making swiss cheese out of my cabbage and broccoli leaves. I've kept to hand picking so far, but I'll have to resort to stronger means sooner or later.

Things are starting to bloom around here. The yellow pear tomatoe plants each have two flowers on them and the peppers have tiny buds. I thought this pepper below particularly interesting since it split from it's main stem and grew in two directions. There's a bud poking out of the apex.
Then, and you'll have to help me with this...the potatoes are flowering. Do potatoes flower?
Lastly, I thought to show Dan how his Cherokee Purple tomatoes are doing. They're rockin' -n- rollin' along and are the healthiest of all of the tomato plants I've got out there. There's no stopping them.
I hope everything is treating y'all just as well.
The morning comes early. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. Yes! Potatoes flower. In fact, back a few hundred years ago, potato flowers were very fashionable in Europe. I can't believe your potatoes have progressed this far! You'll be enjoying the spuds in no time.

    Those tomato plants look amazingly flawless.

  2. Ooooh....your stuff is looking really good! You aced growing transplants this year - much better than mine.

  3. Yes, potatoes flower. They're actually pretty little flowers. I think my purple & blue potatoes had purple flowers and my white potatoes had white flowers. I don't remember what the red ones looked like though.

  4. Plants are so resilient! Glad to hear they are no worse for wear after the storms. Wow, your potatoes are flowering already? It's so fun to watch the progression of all our gardens in different climates, glad your potatoes are putting on a show for you, the flowers are so cute, good luck with those aphids!

  5. Wow...everything is looking great! My Cherokee Purple tomatoes are doing the best out all the other varieties too. I feel for ya on the aphid issue...darn bugs can destroy your plants so fast. Good luck!

  6. Wow! Crazy that your plants have already surpassed mine. They're looking beautiful, and I can't wait to see how your potatoes turn out.

    My plants are so confused by our big temperature fluctuations. It feels like spring is taking it's sweet time in transitioning to summer this year (grrr)...

  7. Look at those tomato plants! You have a real green thumb now :-) Well on the topic I need to get your lettuce seeds planted, I am getting a little behind on my planting. Still lots of time here through, it doesn't get really hot until mid June.