Wednesday, December 23, 2009

'Tis the Season...Would You Like Some Seeds?

I filled my new gardening mug from Granny last night with some warm cider with a dram of whisky last night....mmmmmmm. Not sure if that was the use you intended it for, Granny, but it sure was good!! Don't forget to leave a comment under yesterday's post if you'd like to receive a package of goodies. I need to "pay it forward" and will likely choose a name by Friday.

On the same note, I placed my seed orders yesterday!! And then a coupon for my order showed up in the mail today...why does it always work that way?

I went through my seed stack, cleaned it out, and found I have some left over seed that I'll never use this year. None of it is very exciting and most comes straight off of a seed rack, but I feel worse about throwing out good seed than I would putting a Woody or Buzz Lightyear in a garage sale...well, almost worse.

Here's what I have for the taking. Email thecorneryard @ ymail . com with what you'd like and your address.

1. Zipper Peas/Cream Crowder Peas - Fantastic and like a cow pea. They really need traditional row planting and more sun than I can give them. From my local feed store
2. Alaska Peas - local feed store
3. Sweet corn - Delectable Hybrid - burpee
4. Parris Island Romaine Lettuce - ferry morse
5. Iceberg Lettuce - Burpee
6. Soybean - Green Pearls - Burpee
7. Watermelon - sugar baby - ferry morse
8. Sugar Snap Pea - Burpee
9. Black Radish (nero tondo)-johnny's
10. Cabbage - late/Storage green - Johnny's
11. Black seeded Simpson Lettuce - Burpee
12. Super Sugar Snap pea - Burpee

Again, nothing exciting but if you can use them, I'll send them along. If not, there's a vacant lot across the way I could possibly go guerrilla gardening the rate the houses are selling, or rather NOT selling...I may get an entire season out of the lot. Hmmm...I wonder how much trouble I really would get in. The worst they could do is tell me to rip it out, right?


  1. Cider and whisky sound good! A friend of mine whose family have one of the UK's biggest cider factories, they all drink cider with gin - a lethal combination but well worth trying!

    What a good idea to give away packets of unwanted seeds. There are one or two seed swap groups in England too. A very sensible and practical solution.

  2. I would have been delighted to have taken them off your hands, ut being in Scotland, not that best it goes to someone who can really nurture them, esp the watermelon seeds!

  3. Hi mangocheeks! Thanks for stopping by. The Spanish black radishes and lettuce would do well in a cooler climate, although you're right about the watermelon.

  4. Iceberg & Black Seeded Simpson lettuce sound good! Want to do a swap? I have lots of stuff but have yet to organize a list. I will drop you a line soon!

  5. They're yours, Dan. Just shoot me an email with your address.

  6. Nothing like being late to the party. By any chance do you have any sugar snap or super sugar snap left ? Here is my gardenweb page if you want to email me ...

  7. I do, certainly, Angela. I'll contact you.