Thursday, December 24, 2009

On Gardening and Potty Training

I've come to realize potty training is akin to gardening.

Frustrating at times, but rewarding in the end.

I have faith that at least this sleepy little girl won't graduate high school in diapers.

The morning comes early. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. Oh, that's funny! Thanks for the laugh....I need one today.

  2. That's a funny picture! Tell her in 10 years about putting it online, haha. Happy Holidays!

  3. I am right there with you, and have been reduced to bribes of chocolate candy for number two in the potty and not everywhere else. I feel your frustration!

  4. OH MY GOSH! How funny. Marc and I will be tackling this in a few months (Jonathan that is...I can assure your he and I are potty trained). :)

    Merry Christmas, Ribbit! I hope Santa brought you a ton of seeds this year!

  5. LOL! That was in the not-so-distant past with my kids!

  6. They finally grow up. Nobody at kindergarten wants to be a poopy pants. "Oh, Mom," becomes their watchword and you wonder what happened.

    I see you're from Winder, which sets me for a 3 day memory dig to remember the names of roommates from Winder, nearly 50 years ago. I once lived near Rome.

    I found you by way of Blotanical. Do read the FAQs under the Help tab. It will make your navigation of Blotanical site much easier.

  7. Hi Nell Jean! Yes, the girl's favorite phrase is now, "Mmmmooooommmmmmmm."

    We're not originally from Winder; actually, we just moved here about three years ago.

    I have found Blotanical pretty hard to navagate and find I have to backtrack a lot. I will read the FAQ now. Thank you for the suggestion!

  8. Too cute! My twins have been potty trained during the day since last year, but I am just now getting around to try and get them night trained! DD gave me a lovely birthday present...Sleeping thru the night dry! I go in every night after feeding the baby to pick her up and carry her to the potty! LOL!

    My BFF is from Winder!

  9. Really, Shawn Ann! That's way cool on both ends. Training the boy was so easy. He never once made a mistake and thought pull-ups were real underwear so he never made a mistake. The girl is going to be different, I'm imagining.

    Winder used to be so far out in the boonies and now it's part of the Greater Atl Metro Area, or at least on the outskirts. Who would ever have thought it would have become a commuter town?