Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pay It Forward! **It's My Turn!!**

If you remember, back in November, Granny from Annie's Kitchen Garden received a package from Thomas of A Growing Tradition fame which included some local goods and a jar of his fantastic lemon marmalade from his own lemon tree. Granny has in turn payed the gift forward and I was a lucky recipient!

I must say, I giggled, oohed and ahhed, but it was when I jumped up and down and clapped my hands like a fool that my son came running.

Boy: Mom, what's the matter with you? Who's that package from? Is that hand rake yours? Does that mean I can have mine back?

Whereupon he took my hand and marched me right out to the garden box and stood there, one hand on hip, and pointed. He's not allowed in the garden box because of the pesticides that could be in there. He seldom remembers this, but apparently he had no trouble remembering that I've held his grasshopper hand rake hostage since last winter.

Granny, I thank you, and so does the boy!

There were so many other yummy goodies in the box:
I just adore the cup, I'll surely use the seeds and we're all going to make short work of the jalapeno peanut brittle. I haven't had dates in years and was just eyeballing them in another shopper's grocery cart this weekend, so I'm stoked about scarfing those up. What's best, is there's a jar of Granny's dill relish AND strawberry jam as well. I am perfectly spoiled rotten.

Thank you, Granny!!

Now I get to pay it forward to others. I've already got a few ideas of what I could send. If you'd like to receive a package, just leave a comment and say, "I'm in!" and I'll pull the names by Friday. Gardening gifts in December!! What a treat!


  1. What a great gift! I'm so happy for you Ribbit! That Gran is full of surprises. You'll have to let us all know how the dill relish and strawberry jam tastes!

  2. :: jumping up and down and clapping with you::

    Oh this is so exciting to read. What fun this is!

  3. That's wonderful! What a treat. I have got to get to the post office today. Aaaaaaiiieeee.

  4. That's an AWESOME gift! Have a merry Christmas!!

  5. Glorious gifts for the gardener. I esp love the sound of the Jalapeno peanut brittle sounds abfab.

    I'm in. Have a Wonderful Christmas day with your family.

  6. I am in! Paying it forward is the only way to go! I too love to share extras with all around me!