Friday, May 14, 2010

What!? Harvest Monday on a Friday?

I was just so crazy-excited that I couldn't wait until Monday. Here's the harvest take from the last time I posted about taking out the cabbage. The black radishes didn't do nearly as well as they did last year. It just got too hot, too fast. I'll try them again this fall.
Now, this is what had me so geeked up:
How awesome is that? Now all the cabbage and broccoli are out of the garden and the lima beans and green beans will go in this weekend.
Flea beetles have all but destroyed my eggplant, but at least thus far, they're sticking only to the eggplant. I'll have to run out this weekend and see if I can find something to hurt them severely..just a little bit.
One of my squash is looking a bit on the yellow side. Okay, a lot on the yellow side. I'm a bit worried about it. Hopefully it will either perk up or die and get on with it. Playing the waiting game just has me frustrated.
Hope you all have an excellent weekend!


  1. Those are just beautiful. No other words to describe them....beautiful! I've never been lucky enough to get really good (big) heads of broccoli, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a "first" for me.

  2. Outstanding! Can I make a very weird suggestion? Something had begun eating my melon leaves; I recognized the pattern of holes as the same buggers that ate all the leaves last fall and killed the plants. I went looking for answers and read how someone dusted Gold Bone Medicated Powder (cheap store brand, though) on their cukes and melons. The menthol, or something, seemed to discourage them. Trying this myself. Just dusted the plants last night, and saw no new holes today. Today I cut off the damaged leaves and dusted again. We'll see if I find new holes. Maybe something like that would help with the flea beetles.

  3. I am looking at cabbages.. and wonder if 4 of mine will ever come to that size.. Nice harvest.

  4. that is awesome! Hope mine do as well!

  5. Cool, you did it! Good for you...
    BTW, my squash is looking pretty yellow, too - and i'm probably gonna plant more seed just as backup.

  6. This is an awesome harvest Ribbit! Did you have the broccoli and cabbage growing all throughout winter??? They're HUGE! And the heads look flawless. My napa cabbages are being ravaged by slugs at the moment.

  7. Wow that is great. I wish I could get heads of broccoli like that. Mine are still tiny little plants that are struggling.

  8. Granny, the heads aren't big. Only about a small hand span and very light. Both together were only just over a pound in weight, but they sure were scrumptious.
    I'm game sb158. I'll give it a shot.
    The cabbages were actually smaller than the broccoli. THey all fit in a brown lunch sack, however they're going to be yummy, too.
    EG, I'm thinking I may need to fertilize those squash. I'm trying to hold of watering them, however, since it's supposed to rain this weekend, but it just doesn't seem to want to get started.
    Thomas, I put those broccoli outside in either late February or early March, however it took until late March for them to put on any real growth. Trust me, their size is deceptive in this picture. THat's a regular dinner plate all of that's sitting on.

  9. Awesome harvest! I wouldn't be able to save these wonderful pics for harvest monday's either. Congrats on some beautiful heads of cabbage and broccoli

  10. Wow - what an incredible harvest!! I was thinking of trying my hand at broccoli and cabbages this fall. I'll have to read through all your posts on the matter to get some tips on growing these here in Georgia.

  11. CM, I am in GA. We're in Winder.

  12. WOW! The broccoli and cabbage are just gorgeous! Makes me want to eat coleslaw in the worst way.