Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dude Looks Like an...Onion?

Go on....sing the Aerosmith song. I already did. I'll wait....feel better? I did.

Anyhow, my girlfriend called last night and said she needed to borrow some garlic. I was fresh out, but realized I had some garlic in the garden. Granted it wasn't quite ready to come out, but garlic is garlic.

She called me and said that it wasn't bulbs like she expected it to be, but instead was one full yummy onion-like bulb of garlic goodness.

So, I pulled one tonight, myself, and this is what I found:
Sure enough, it looked and cut apart like an onion.
It had some pretty thick layers of outer covering and then you'd find these little cloves between a hunk of layers and then another set a bit deeper.
So, pleading total ignorance, this being the first garlic I've ever this normal and do they just need to stay in the ground longer, or are they mutants...doesn't matter if they really are for I did say it was "garlic goodness." I chomped right into one of the cloves of the one I pulled and it was fantabulous.

The morning comes early. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. Dude DOES look like an onion! I think you probably just pulled too early, mine is still in waiting for the tops to die off. If it tastes like garlic all yummy and smelly, then I wouldn't worry at all! Don't you just love being able to go pull something out of the dirt when you need it, lol?!!

  2. First time planting garlic also. You make me want to pull one of mine out too. But I will be patient - I can tell mine are much smaller.
    What fun.

  3. definitely looks like garlic to me. Maybe it just looks different because you didn't leave it to dry.

  4. They call it green garlic when it is young. I sometimes plant close and then thin as I need them. To get big bulbs you just leave them in until the tops die down, usually around August here.

  5. Oh thanks, now I'm gonna sing that song all night... LOL!!!
    Sorry, I've no idea about garlic.

  6. Yeppers! That's exactly what I have from the garlic I had to pull early to make space for my melons... I LOVE it! No annoying dry and flaky, impossible peel to get through. They just peel right back to the garlic bulb. And they taste divine. You're doing things right, Lady! They're just young is all... Oh, and *thanks* for getting that song stuck in my head (rolling eyes). ;)

  7. I pulled some of mine the other day to try my hand at "green garlic" and they were much smaller than yours, more like a green onion. I will be doing a post on it today or tomorrow with lots of pictures.

    Green garlic, YUM!

  8. Looks like your garlic is bulbing up nicely! Yes, it's baby garlic and it IS yummy! I usually pull some from the garden as I need them once in a while.

  9. That looks so good...makes me want to try garlic. Hmmm, where oh where can I plant some garlic! Ha ha!

  10. While it is a baby, and therefore easy to peel, I don't think you'd get more cloves if you left it longer. It's either a low-clove variety (great because you peel less and get big cloves) or just a normal variation in the number of cloves. It looks pretty tasty!