Saturday, May 22, 2010


I made a big mistake.

A BIG mistake.

I was so eager to get the other corner yard planted because I knew it would get more sun in the summer than the main corner yard that I didn't take into account the exact direction of the sun. In the fall, the sun's moved over towards the right and is blocked by the house, but in the summer, it makes an appearance over the fence for an hour or two.
So, what do I do? I plant the tall tomatoes right there so they'll do an excellent job of shading out the peppers and okra.
I feel like kicking myself. I figured it may not be a problem, but the flowers on the okra aren't opening all of the way and then they rot off.
If I want to get any peppers, it looks like those tomatoes may have to go. I'm entertaining several options. I'm thinking of leaving the yellow pear ones in the very back and then replanting the other tomatoes with determinate ones or replanting them totally with more okra and peppers. We're not big pepper eaters, so I think the determinate tomatoes may be the way to go. I already have 11 other tomato plants on the side of the house so this won't be such a loss since they're the same varieties, it's just stinky that I didn't think of that beforehand.
Seems like I'll have to take the boy's outlook on all this: Oh well. I tried.


  1. Ouch! (Coming from someone who decided to plant a mini-cornfield in the shade, LOL)

  2. you could try propping mirrors or aliminum foil around them to get more reflective sun.. peppers love aluminum foil mulch.

  3. Erin, I understand completely.

    Gardengrl, does that really work? I thought that was just an old wive's tale or something.

  4. Oh no! How frustrating!! It can be so tough to negotiate shade and sun.. I feel like I can never get it right. Last year my cantelope was completely shaded by tomatoes and I didn't get a single melon. At least you do have other tomatoes planted, so it won't be a total loss!