Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's Carrot-tastic!

So after yesterday's sightings, I went out this morning and three more times this afternoon with the garden equivalent of a pair of pliers and a blow torch - otherwise known as gloves and a cup of soapy water, but those garden pests wouldn't show their ugly mugs when they knew there was destruction at the end of their smug smiles.

Oh well. I'll have more bugs than I'll know what to do with soon enough.

However, I did just happen to get a wild hair and pull some carrots. I pulled the white one and then got a bit over zealous and pulled the other, but aren't they cool!!!
Here's a very bad picture of the insides of them:
They boy jumped at the chance of eating the red carrot, but you see how he's done it:
He scooped out the orange inside since it was what he recognized as being a "carrot." I'll have to hand it to him. I was rather sceptical of eating the white one, myself, but it turns out that the white one was actually sweeter than the red one. There are a few more out there that are almost ready to pull, so I'm thrilled. They were small, only abut 3 oz total weight trimmed and cut all together, but they were good snacking before dinner, that they were.
The morning comes early. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. These are beautiful!
    This is the first year I am trying to grow carrots but I usually do not have luck with my root vegetables. The soil has a lot of clay in it. We will see what happens. Might be looking for some extra tips.

  2. Pretty carrots! Love love love the red ones!

  3. Good for you! It's good that the young man will eat something from the garden.

  4. Cool indeed, and so great to see the boy eating his veggies!!!

  5. Mine aren't ready yet, but I loved seeing what my red ones will look like inside!

  6. I planted some colorful carrots this year too. Unfortunately it will be at least a month before I can pull mine.

    It's amazing how kids are more enthusiatic about eating veggies when they see it grow.

  7. Ha! My red ones had a nice sort of kick at the end.

    I'll do carrots again next year; we're still eating them.

  8. Whoa... carrots already! Yum! They look beautiful.

  9. I'll certainly do carrots again in the fall. I think they jsut need longer to grow than I thought last year. I need to pull them rather soon now since I have more stuff that needs to go in that spot, but if I plant them in the fall they can stay there all bleedin' winter if they have to in order to bulk up.

    Already, Toni? We're already almost half way done with the season down here. ;)