Friday, May 28, 2010

Let the Games Begin!

This week things have really picked up in the flower department. The zucchini is sporting new flowers daily and I actually picked my first zucchini of the year today. I'm going to make some bread with it this weekend.
I haven't seen any bees out as of yet, so I don't know if the ones that open during the week are pollinated or not. I'm hopeful that the bees will show up soon, but if not, I'll be a kept woman again starting tomorrow, so I'll be okay. BTW, side note: Tomorrow's graduation. Graduation and all senior activities like breakfast, dinner, tickets, diplomas, walking cards, and the ceremony itself make up my responsibility. It's a ton of work. This year for our senior memory project, I collected and filed (students helped) over 5,210 pieces of mail to our seniors. I stopped counting at 5,210. It was fantastic. Parents have been so much more positive this year than last year. We've got almost all positive feedback except the father who told me he was so glad he was going to be "done with you people (meaning the administration and me) when the week was out." I replied, "so will I, sir" meaning him and the parents, however judging by his smile and goodbye wave he was too dense to realize that.

Back on topic, you can see the dragon tongue beans are flowering. I'm curious to see the full beans on these suckers.
The peppers keep loosing blossoms after they've flowered which makes me sad, but I've got one Cherokee purple tomato plant from Dan that's got over 30 flowers on it. I'm thinking I'll have to limit that number on my own, but it's impressive to see. The brandywine tomatoes are flowering like mad, but all of the flowers keep falling off. I've heard it's amazingly difficult to grow brandywine tomatoes in Georgia, so I'm not keeping my hopes up. I've got one tomato that's got a toe hold, but I'm not going to waste my time on them. I'll give them another week or two. If they keep dropping flowers, I'm pulling the one without the tomato and planting some cucumbers. I can always use more cucumbers.
The morning comes early. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. Re brandywines: This year I planted a lot of them. Mine are flowering like mad also but I have yet to see a fruit. The flowers fell off last year but I got about 5-8 fruit per plant. They are really big and one makes a great tomato salad for my small family of 3. I'll keep you posted and perhaps will be able to post the first fruit this weekend.
    Re cuks: I have to train mine also but once I start them, they kind of know what to do.

  2. My Dragon's Tongue are flowering too, they are so pretty! I hope you get some good tomatoes this year and that you don't get lost in the zucchini - once they start we may not be able to find you!!

  3. My son will graduate tonight as well, and that concludes school for both of my own children. Yay! About the brandywines....I haven't heard of any difficulty growing them in our region, and mine did prety well last year.

  4. Argh!! I am SO freakin' jealous of your zucchini!!!! I can NOT grow one to save my life. Okay, so last year I got ONE.. but that was it.
    My zucc plants look all spindly and gross, with no females flowering yet at all. Yours look all bushy and lovely. What is UP??!?!!?
    My yellow squash are doing great, but I'm about to throw an all out hissy fit if these zuccs (which are of course my favorite veggie) won't start doing something.
    Phew... venting over.
    I think I need a drink.